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Crocheting tips for everyone loving crochet!

Crochet Baby Patterns – They are All So Cute !

Crocheted baby clothes must be the cutest things ever to make!  Here I put up some really cute crochet baby patterns for you. Click the link and you will come to the page where you can purchase your pattern! Others are free – some of them comes as a tutorial.  Some of the patterns are for crochet beginners while others need you to have more advanced skills.

Lovely Crochet KITS for Babies:

5537_-1422900938048 1480542816574-20161123_464173_0126 9241_-1423165183837
Buttoned Jacket KIT

Button Up Waves Hooded Cocoon Crochet KIT

Shawl Collared Cardigan KIT

Some words about baby crochet patterns

I love to crochet baby items. The small, tiny booties and the absolutely adorable small baby hats are irresistible! I just have to make them!If you want to create a small beautiful crochet gift for some little baby, you have a variety of crochet patterns to choose from! Are you new to crocheting? No worry….there are tons of patterns made for people with almost no crochet experience out there. You might want to start with making a baby blanket or some tiny baby booties. They are always welcome gifts and often perfect for beginners to crochet.

On the other hand, if you have some experience and would like to go for something more complex a sweater with some extra decorations and designs might be a good choice.

You can find tons of patterns here on this page so welcome to check them all out!

Here are a few links to other baby pages here on MyFavoriteCraft:

Baby Pattern Links

Free Baby Crochet Patterns For Download

Fun And Easy Baby Booties Crochet Pattern For Beginners

How To Crochet A Baby Blanket



The following patterns are included in Kits, which means that you by both the pattern and the yarn! Very conveniant and easy!

Baby Blanket Crochet KITS

   crestedbandsbycascadeyarnsknitblanketkit_aiid2079260 cabledcherubbabyblanketbycascadecrochetkit_aiid2204648
Crested Bands Baby Blanket KIT Cabled Cherub Baby Blanket KIT 

Springtime Stroller Blankie Crochet KIT


More cute Baby Blanket Crochet Patterns:

These following patterns are super cute and fun to make. The lovely Victorian inspired Lace blanket is a very popular pattern that people ask about a lot! So is the Colorful Rainbow pattern which is also a free pattern!

The owl obsession blanket is also a very beautiful and loved pattern, and no wonder – it is so extremely cute, and I guess it is a must have for every owl lover! All three patterns requires some crochet skills. If you want to crochet some other owl patterns we have several to choose from here:

VictorianCrochetBabyBlanket_1 full_636_127463_RainbowBabyBlanket_3   OwlObsession
 A lovely Victorian Inspired, Lace Blanket. To the pattern: Rainbow Baby Blanket  Owl Obsession Blanket


Important crochet for baby tips:

Maybe the most important thing when crochet clothes for babies is to choose the right yarn:

  • Soft: No matter if you crochet a sweater, a hat or booties; it must be comfortable to wear, not hard or itching. Remember that the baby’s skin is sensitive so choose a real soft yarn.
  • Washable: The yarn used for the crochet clothes also and need to be easy to wash. (Read: – no yarn that needs hand washing…!)
  • No choking: Be aware of buttons and other embellishments in the crochet patterns – be very careful to stitch them very firm in place. As you know – babies love to put things in their mouth and buttons and stuff can be really dangerous! To make an appliqué is a great alternative to loose embellishments.



So Cute Crochet Baby Patterns for Summer Dresses!

full_9769_202153_LucyCrochetSummerDress208CCP_1    full_8009_146657_ChantillyLaceSundress_3 full_7323_202477_BabyGirlSummerDressPattern_1
Lucy Crochet Summer Dress #208 CCP Chantilly Lace Sundress Baby Girl Summer Dress Pattern


Baby Shoe Crochet Patterns for Summer

full_2988_151915_MalibuBabyCrochetBabyShoes312CCP_1 full_9871_163044_CrochetBabyShoesCharlotte324CCP_4 full_2993_93170_SummerLaceBabyBooties_1
Malibu Baby Crochet Baby Shoes #312 CCP Crochet Baby Shoes -Charlotte #324 CCP Summer Lace Baby Booties


Super Cool Crochet Baby Booties Patterns

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Baby Cross Straps Sandals Crochet pattern Trekkers Sandal Booties Crochet Pattern Owl Baby Booties and Beanie Set Pattern Flip Flops Baby Booties Crochet Pattern
Baby Cross Straps Sandals Trekkers Sandal Booties  Owl Whooties Baby Booties
andBeanie Set
Flip Flops Baby Booties 
full_2900_117499_012MonthsPATTERNPT002A_1 Cozy Cuffs Crochet Baby Booties Pattern full_9849_12243_BabySeasideSandals_1 full_1488_131461_CrochetbabybootiesFancyBaby_1
Crochet Baby Booties
Cozy Cuffs Baby Booties Baby Seaside Sandals
Two Versions
Crochet Baby Booties
-Fancy Baby



Online Crochet Class To Join!

Do you want to learn more crochet? Join this crochet class   Crocheting in the Round: Mix & Match Hats and you will learn to crochet in the round and make beautiful hats...create them as you like! All classes come with a money back guarantee, and you will have access to the class lifetime!

Look at these beautiful student projects:

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Cat in the Hat

Cat in the Hat - Student Project

Add Vibrant Colorwork

Add Vibrant Colorwork - From The Class

summer hat for a windy town

summer hat for a windy town - Student Project

Childs Striped Beanie

Childs Striped Beanie - Student Project

Ear Flap With All The Bells And Whistles

Ear Flap With All The Bells And Whistles - Student Project

First Color Work Hat

First Color Work Hat



Crochet Kits for Baby Blankets And Boots

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Try these crochet KITS - pattern & yarn  - super convenient for you!

The Baby Ankle Boots are very quick to work up and are so looking so lovely on the little one. Of course, when buying the kit you choose you own color; the sample shown is made in Turquoise.

The Leafy Baby Blanket pattern is also fast to work up, the only thing is that you need to know how to knit lace in order to make the blanket. The blanket is cozy and soft and made of pure wool yarn.

The Dreamy Baby Afghan pattern is as you can see a granny square blanket which should be perfect for you if you just have the basic crochet skills.

Baby Ancle Boots Kit Leafy Baby Blanket Kit Dreamy baby Afgan Kit
Baby Ancle Boots KIT Leafy Baby Blanket KIT Dreamy Baby Afghan Kit

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Follow this link and you will find more crochet baby booties for beginners

Crochet Baby Patterns FurTrimBabyBooties full_2457_71296_MiaSlouchBoot_1 full_159_136000_FJC26MaryJaneShoescrochetpattern_1
Crocodile Stitch Booties
(Baby Sizes) Pattern
Fur Trim Baby Booties Mia Slouch Boot Pattern FJC26-Mary-Jane Shoes
Crochet Pattern



Below I show you some free Vintage pattern for babies...They are old, but still very cute!

Vintage Baby Booties & Baby Hat Patterns for Beginners - Free

Bottle Cover, Mittens & Bootees No. 5249 Pattern Loop Stitch Cap and Mittens Pattern
Vintage Baby Bootees Bottle Cover,
Mittens and Bootees 
Loop Stitch Cap
and Mittens
Crocheted Booties and Cap


Free Crochet Tutorials:



Crochet Baby Hat Patterns For Beginners

Crochet a simple baby hat – the following patterns are all suited for beginners or even novice crocheters.

Fun to make and very welcomed as a gift!

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ElizabethHat_2 NewbornBabyCaps TheMadisonHat_2 CrissCrossApplesauceBeanie_1
Elizabeth Hat Pattern  Newborn Hat Patterns Baby Hat Girls -
10 yrs Old With Flower
Criss Cross Applesauce
Beanie Pattern


Cute, cute...:)

Newborn Princess Tiara Pattern


 Crochet Resource Box:

Learn The Basic Stitches From Video Tutorials

Crochet Basics - Yarn And Hooks

Some written Crochet Instructions and Abbreviation Explanation

Learn the Crochet Basics Class


Crochet Baby Afghan Patterns

Maybe the blanket are one of the most important items we have for the baby...we must keep the little one warm, and nothing is more lovely that to wrap a blanket around the baby.

But the crochet blanket also serves like a comforter for the baby, and many of us never forget our old, torn blanket.....

So why not crochet a baby blanket! Here follow a couple of free crochet baby afghan patterns for beginners – tutorials I found on Youtube! Have fun!

VERY EASY granny square blanket tutorial
for beginners
Crochet Catherine Wheel Baby Blanket


Crochet Baby Afghan Patterns For Beginners

Here are some other really nice patterns that you can crochet for the baby. It is three baby afghans that are all for crochet beginners.

Maybe the baby blanket is the most common crochet baby patterns for beginners that we have. Really, you can’t go wrong – it will look cute no matter what!

And best of all – you do not need to think about measuring and gauge and stuff like that. I do not matter at all if the blanket ends up being larger or a little bit smaller than the crochet pattern originally says – the blanket can be used anyway. So… to crochet a baby afghan is a great beginner project.

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OneSkeinBabyBlanket_1 CrochetReversibleBabyBlanket_5 CitrusStripeBlanket_4
One Skein Baby Blanket Crochet Reversible Baby Blanket  Citrus Striped Blanket



Free Vintage Blanket Pattern:

Carriage Robe Pattern Sugar 'n Spice Baby Blanket Pattern
Carriage Robe Pattern Sugar 'n Spice Baby Blanket Pattern

If you love vintage patterns you might find the above patterns interesting. For me they do remind me of my childhood and they are so cute.

They are also quite easy to put together so why not try the vintage style while chosing your crochet baby patterns! One other good thing about these patterns are of course that they are absolutely free!


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