Beautiful & Free, Easy Crochet Patterns

On this page you will find some nice, free crochet patterns for you to download. Why not find your own favorite and start your new crochet project today!

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Autumn Wind Shawl Pattern Abstract Shawl – Office Shawl Sophia Infinity Scarf Pattern



 Free Crochet Patterns For Slouchy Hats

Slouchy hats are very popular now so many people are looking for patterns in order to crochet a hat like that. Here are three free patterns for you:

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ReversibleTexturedSlouch_1 ReallyEasySlouchyBeanie_1 KissesSlouchyHatBeanie_1

Reversible Textured Slouch

Really Easy Slochy Hat Kisses Slouchy Hat

The reversible textures slouchy hat pattern is a little bit more advanced then the other two patterns. You need to have intermediate crochet skills for that one. If you are looking for a very super easy crochet slouchy hat pattern, you might want to try the one called  “really easy slouchy hat”. This free pattern is very very easy, and is a perfect choice if you are novice to crochet and want to start your first project!



Crochet Beanie Patterns for Beginners

To crochet a beanie might be one of the most common crochet patterns we have and good crocheting tips if you want a fast crochet project. Most people that know anything about crochet I guess have one time in their life been crocheting a beanie hat!

These following free beanie patterns are all very beautiful and popular! Just click the link to come to the download page!

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BrainWavesBeanie_7 LittleSisterHat_1 BasicBeanieALLSIZESEasy_1

 Brain Waves Beanie Pattern  

Little Sister Hat Pattern Basic Beanie Pattern

These easy crochet beanie hat patterns are all beginner patterns, so they are very simple to make. The patterns are clear and easy to follow! To crochet a beanie does not take very long and is a very good beginner project! Why not crochet several of them, they make perfect gifts!


Some  Crocheting Tips:

  • When your crochet project is finished you will have some loose ends strings hanging. Use a tapestry needle with a large eye in order to fasten the string, instead of using the hook, it is much easier!
  • Place your yarn in some kind of box or container while crocheting. It helps the yarn to stay clean. You can also use a plastic bag and tie the top; only having the yarn coming out.
  • A good way of keeping your hooks is to use an old plastic bottle. If you travel and just want to bring a few of your hooks; use a tooth brush holder…that’s perfect for travel.
  • Paper clips or safety pins are perfect stitch counters – no need to buy something extra.


Crochet Tutorial – Simple Slouchy Hat

Crochet Cowl Pattern With Button and Without Button Sponsored ads:

Results results BobbleCowl Bredas Cowl
Results, results! Pattern Bubble Cowl Pattern Breda’s Cowl Pattern


 Crochet Resource Box:


Simple Cowl – Free tutorial

Other free crochet patterns:

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BootCuffs MugCoasterCozy_1 BabyBumblebee
Crochet Boot Cuffs Pattern Mug Coaster Cozy Pattern Free Baby Bumble Bee Amigurumi Pattern



Crochet Flower Patterns:

I love flowers…on everything.. it is like a nice addiction! So here are some crochet patterns with flowers that I found. They are all easy crochet patterns – free for beginners that want to try on some crochet.

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Easy Crochet Patterns Easy Crochet Patterns full_2831_51850_FREESimplySpringtimeFlowerHat_2
Emery Beanie Pattern Cozy HeadBand Free Simply Springtime Flower Hat
Free Crochet Patterns DaisyCoaster_1

Crocodile Stitch Flower

Gratitude Flower Daisy Coaster Pattern  Crocodile Stitch Flower
Petal Flower Lil Cute Crochet Flower FREE
6 Petal Flower Pattern Lil’ Cute Crochet Flower Pattern Butterfly and Flower Headbands

The “Emiry Beanie” is such a cute beanie and I really love the colors of the sample; it feels like spring I think…Really lovely colors. This pattern is very simple so even if you are a crochet beginner I think you will make this pattern without hassle.

Even the headband is a very easy crochet pattern, and might be a great starting project for anyone new to crochet. The “simple spring time flower hat” is in fact also a simple pattern, even if the designer said you will need intermediate crochet skills to make it without problem.

You need to know: ss, dc, dc2tog, dc3tog and how to read a pattern. (Here you will find Myfavoritecrafts resource pages for crochet: Basic Crochet instructions and Simple Video Instructions.)

All the other free crochet flowers patterns are also crochet patterns for beginners – and I think many of us have started out with making crochet flowers!

The only exception might be the cute different headbands called: Butterfly and Flowers Headband. They can be a little bit trickier for a newbie, but I am sure you will make these beautiful headband patterns even if you do not have so much experience!

They are all good crocheting tips for anyone who loves flowers!


Crocheted Summer Bags

Crochet your own bag…simple crochet summer patterns and great crocheting for beginners – and so fun to make! Make them as gifts – it will be very appreciated! Sponsored ads

Summer Squares Beach Tote

Travelsizemakeupbag_1 Big Striped Bag Chevrolicious Summer CarryAll_1
Summer Beach Tote Travel size make-up bag Pattern Big Striped Bag

Chevrolicious Summer Carry All

The above free crochet bag patterns are all made for beginners and the patterns are easy to put together.  The bag pattern called “summer beach tote” is crocheted in rounds and therefore made very fast.

People that have tried the pattern are very satisfied and they say that the descriptions in the pattern are very easy to follow! This particular bag ens up being a large one! Also the stripe bag is a large one  – perfect for shopping! The small crochet bag pattern or your makeups are so easy that you can make it even if you have never been croceting before! You can be a total crochet novice! red

Beginner Crochet Class

Crochet beginners sometimes find it hard to get started properly. At the first, crocheting can seem rather complicated. When you try to read the patterns, even if you start with some easy crochet patterns; it might all look weird and hard to understand; but once you start trying you will se it really is not!

The fastest basic crochet stitches instructions you can get you will find here:  Start Learning From The Experts Today!  You will get excellent help to start you crochet journey. If you attend this class and the grab some simple free crochet patterns from this site, you will get kick started in crocheting. Crocheting for beginners

It really is the best way to get started; to get the basic crochet stitches and techniques and start making simple, but great crocheting items right from the beginning.

Get hold on the right teachers who will give you the basic crochet stitch instructions and soon you will be going on with your projects. One good tip is to learn the crochet stitches one by one, then you will be just fine.

Remember this:  Once you made one crochet item you will get “hooked”, and sooner than you think be working on the second one! Get some free baby crochet pattern on this page: Click here and some free crochet patterns for children here.

On the childrens page you will find some really cute free crochet animal hats pattern; for example owl hat patterns. on the baby patterns site you can find absolutely adorable baby hat patterns, baby booties patterns and free baby toys patterns!

The art of crocheting is now taking the whole world with storm! It’s no longer only grandma’s that are crocheting – people all ages are discovering this great craft of creating beautiful crocheting items!

Find some crochet tips and tricks here to help you with the patterns.

You might also like : Crochet Basics that gives you some ideas when choosing projects, and Crochet Instructions that describe the basic stitches and abbreviations. Crochet Tips fromCrochetMe. Sponsored ads:

Granny Blanket


Easy GrannyBlanket Magnificent Moss Basket Pattern

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Owl Basket Two

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Rainbow Baby Blanket

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Rainy Day Flowers Blanket

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