Baby Bootee I

MATERIAL-1 skein of color and 1 skein white Woolco Shetland Floss. No. 4 Woolco hook.

With color chain 38, join. Chain 2 at end of every row.

1ST ROW-1 double crochet in each stitch.

2D ROW-Pineapple stitch. Draw yarn through 1st stitch, skip 1 chain, draw a loop through next stitch, wrap, take off 3 loops, chain 1. *Draw a loop through same stitch as last loop, skip 1 stitch, draw a loop through next stitch, wrap, take off 3 loops, chain 1.* Repeat between stars.

3D AND 4TH ROWS-Same as 2d row.


7TH, 8TH, 9TH ROWS-Color.

With white *skip 1 space, 1 single crochet in next space, skip 1 space, 6 double crochet in next space, * repeat.

With color make *1 single crochet and 1 chain* in every stitch. Fasten off. With white make a single crochet in each stitch of original chain. Join. Chain 1, make 25 single crochet, turn, chain 1, make 12 single crochet. On the 12 stitches work 12 rows. Then make a single crochet in each row, across the back, in each row on the other side of instep, and across front. Make 4 rows. Then decrease 1 stitch on each corner of toe, and in back, for 3 rows. Join with slip stitch. Fasten off. Finish with cord and balls.


This pattern is an old pattern under the public domain. I found it here:

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