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Scrumble Bag My firs tattempt at Free Form Crochet Baby Cardigan
Free form Pillow Floral Scrumble Bag Embellished Shirt - free form crochet class
Susans Scrumble Purse - Free form crochet class Finally finished the free formpurse_1 Free form Pillow
  Stitching The Free Form Together Free Form Stitching Fabric together Ibiza Style

Would you like to make similar creations to these beautiful items above?

Then join the well-known crochet instructor Myra Wood as she teaches you some richly textured freeform crochet.

You will get practical, step by step instructions for creating beautiful items. You will also learn to connect and embellish them and create your own unique scrumbled bag. With this technique, you building your own fabric and much more.

Here are the titles of the lessons you get:

  1. Getting Started with Freeform
  2. Basic Freeform Techniques
  3. Textured Stitches
  4. Special Stitches
  5. Get Ready to Scrumble!
  6. Making Fabric
  7. Finishing Techniques

As for all classes at you can watch the classes on your own schedule: wherever and whenever you want.

Your access never expires, and you also get 100% money-back guarantee.

So why wait! Click this link and start today!  Free Form Crochet



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