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Crochet Instructions – Articles

Basic Crochet Stitches Instructions And Abbreviations

It can be confusing in the beginning understanding the crochet language, but as soon as you have learned and then practiced a little bit, you will find it very easy!

Crochet Stitches Instructions

Crochet Owl Purse

Here are some easy instructions if you belong to them needing some crocheting tips to get started.

 Basic Crochet Abbreviations

It all can look hard and almost impossible to grasp, but don’t worry! You just try to learn the basic abbreviations, one at a time and soon you will remember them! You will need to know them in order to read crochet patterns smoothly.

Let’s start:


CH – Chain Stitch


DEC – Decrease

DC – Double Crochet

DB DEC – Double Decrease


INC – Increase


HDC – half-double crochet


REP – Repeat

RND – Round


SC – Single Crochet

SK – Skip

SL ST- Slip Stitch

SP(S) – Spaces

ST(S) – Stitches


YO – Yarn Over


Learning Basic Crochet Stitches


“Chain stitch”

To start crocheting a chain you need to make “slip knot”. After that you pass the hook underneath the yarn and pull it through and catching the yarn with the hook. Understand?

The next step you have to do is to draw the yarn back in the loop in order to create your first chain. This is called “yarn over” when you take your hook and pass it underneath the yarn.

Now you can continue making the chain as long as you wish, or as the crochet pattern tells you!

“Slip Stitch”

The ‘slip stitch” is a special stitch for making “rounds” to the crocheting projects. This stitch has no tallness can not be made into rows.

A slipstitch is made like this: First you have to insert your hook in the chain and after that you make a “yarn over” and finish drawing a loop when your hook passes the chain. Then draw the new loop by passing the “old loop”.

“Single crochet stitch”

A tip is to practice this stitch like this:

Create a chain of let’s say fifteen chain stitches. After that; insert your hook in the second one. Make a “Yarn over” and draw a loop going through the “chain”. Make another “Yarn over” and draw the new loop through two loops on your hook.

When you are coming to the end of the row; make a ‘single crochet”; then “chain 1” and after that turn the project.

“Half double crochet stitch”

Here is a way of practicing this stitch:

Make a row of chain stitches, around fifteen or so, and then “y o” the hook.

Then insert your hook in chain number three, (the first two chain stitches will serve like one “half double crochet” stitch) and make a “yarn over”.

Pull the yarn through the stitch and yarn over the hook again. Then pull the yarn through all the three loops on your hook. Now you have made a “half double crochet”! Continue to make the same stitch in each chain stitch across.

The last thing to do is crochet two chain stitches before turning the crocheting project.

“Double crochet stitch”

Here is how to create a “Double crochet stitch”:

First you start with making a“yarn over” you hook, then put the hook in chain number four. Once more make a “yarn over” and after that pull your yarn through the two loops you have on the hook. When done that; make a “y o” one more time and finish with pulling the yarn through the remaining two loops on the hook.

Continue practicing by creating a ‘double crochet stitch” in each chain stitch left, and finish your little training project with making three chain stitches and then turn.

If you want to watch Crochet Stitches Instructions on video tutorials you can click the link.

The fastest way to learn crocheting is to join a crochet class and learn from a professional crochet instructor. Do like thousands of others that has learned crochet from scratch in this online class. You will get direct access to all the videos!

Click here to join the Crochet Lab


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Simple Crochet Stitches – Tutorials

Even if you have never been crocheting before, you can learn it very fast! That is; if you practice, of course! Here I have listed a few easy crochet stitches for you to learn. Those are the basic stitches and if you memorize them you are soon into ……

Some Crochet Ideas And Tips When Choosing Crochet Projects

There are times when, when you can feel something just misses; there should be more color or the neckline will look …..

Crochet Stitches Instructions,


The art of crochet has been around for a long, long time. Crocheting has been a noble art, and the items of crocheting worn only by people affording a high class lifestyle.

Today, crochet is for everyone that loves this craft. Many people buy items made by crocheting, while other loves to master the handicraft themselves!

Crocheting Tips Homepage

How To Crochet Basics – Yarn And Hooks

How To Crochet Basics

Easy Crochet Beginner Patterns

Yarn For Crocheting

One of the most important things to know about when getting some how to crochet basics is to learn about the different kinds of yarn. You can find: baby/fingering, worsted weight, chunky, sport/baby, and the bulky types of yarns and more on the market.

The different yarns are labeled by their types to distinguish the quality. This is a great help when deciding which specific yarn to use for a particular crochet product.
Then of course you also need to know about the amount of skein, care instructions, gauge, and the fiber content of the yarns.

Yarn Tips For Beginners

If you are a beginner in crochet, it might be a good advice for you to use natural fibers and yarns. These natural fibers tend to be less slippery and easier to work with.

Yarns are sold by weight rather than by length and usually packaged into balls. The most common ball size is 1-3/4 oz (50 g), but the length of the ball can vary a lot depending on the quality and thickness of the yarn.

When you purchase yarn for your projects make sure you take the time to get all of it from one dye lot. The yarn packages will be marked with a number and you want to make sure they all match. Even if you choose the same color, the nuances can vary if they are coming from different packages.

There are some few supplies you need besides the yarn in order to create your first crochet product.

Crocheting hooks

The crocheting hooks are the tools to use while crocheting and they are made of aluminum, wooden or plastic materials. The wooden made crochet hooks is easier for the fingers to handle and it is also considered as the most affordable.

Notice that crochet hooks are available in many different sizes, all from 2 millimeters to 15 millimeters, and labeled with numbers and letters; the higher the number or letter then the larger and thicker the size of the hook.

Use the kind of crochet hook you’re most comfortable with and the one that will help you achieve the correct gauge for a pattern.

While crocheting laces and doilies you most likely need to use crochet hooks in stainless steel. Those hooks are having different sizes than the plastic and wooden ones, but is necessary to make thin lace creations.


Information in the Crochet Patterns

In the crochet patterns you can see which size to use in the particular crochet project. The choice of size is depending on the size of the yarn and what kind of item you are creating.

The crochet hooks are used in catching the loops of the yarn used in crocheting. The special hook also draws the stitches made from loosening and sliding from the chain stitches.

Read more how to crochet basics here:




Simple Crochet Stitches – With Video Instructions

Even if you have never been crocheting before, you can learn it very fast! That is; if you practice, of course!

Here I have listed a few easy crochet stitches for you to learn. Those are the basic stitches and if you memorize them you are soon into this creative craft called crocheting!

I have added some descriptive tutorial to show you how to make the different crochet stitches. Following the videos and the descriptions will help you learn those easy crochet stitches fast.

Simple Crochet Stitches on Videos

Slip Knot
A slip knot is what you need when starting a project. Here is how:


Chain stitch

The first one of the simple crochet stitches you need to know is the chain stitch:
Create a “slip knot” around the hook, pass the hook underneath the yarn and catch it with your hook and then pull the yarn through the loop.

After that; draw the yarn again back in the loop that is on your hook so to form a “chain”. The act where you pass the hook underneath the yarn is referred to as “yarn over”. You have to keep on repeat making this chain of stitches as long as the pattern requires it.


The next stitch of our different crochet stitches you need to know about is the Slip Stitch.

Slip Stitch

The “slip stitch” is mainly used to make “rounds” of crocheting all together. The slip stitch in itself is not often used making rows, because it is not tall enough.

Do like this: Insert your hook in the chain, then “yarn over”. After that you have to draw a loop passing the chain. Draw then the new loop passing the “old loop”.


More crocheting for beginners:

“Single crochet” stitch

In order to practice this stitch; make fifteen chain stitches and after that insert your hook in the second chain from the hook. Make a “yarn over” and draw a loop going through the “chain”. Then you can “yarn over” once more and draw the new loop going through ‘two loops” on your hook. (Is it hard to understand? Just practice for a while and you will get it! Promise! )

In each chain row that you make, work through a ‘single crochet” at the end of the row “chain 1 and then turn”.


“Half double crochet” stitch

In order to try those stitches out; crochet fifteen chain stitches first and then after that make “yarn over” the hook once.

Then you can insert your hook in the third chain from your hook and “yarn over”. When that is done; draw a loop going through the chain twice. “Yarn over” once again and draw the yarn going through all the three loops on your hook and make a “half double crochet” in each chain stitch across. Then make two chain stitches and flip to the other side.

Here comes some more Crochet Stitches Instructions:

You have not given up, have you? I hope not! If you learn the rest of the stitch you will manage a whole lot of patterns that will fit crocheting for beginners, so hold on!

“Double crochet” stitch

“Yarn over” you hook once and then insert the hook in the fourth chain counting from the hook; “yarn over” and draw the yarn going through two loops on the hook and “yarn over” once more and draw it towards you going through the remaining two loops on the hook. Make a ‘double crochet stitch” in each chain stitch across and at the end make three chain stitches and turn. Make a ‘double crochet stitch” in each stitch across


“Triple crochet” stitch

Practice by making fifteen chain stitches. Yarn over the hook twice and insert the hook in the fifth chain from the hook, “yarn over” and then go through two loops on the hook; repeat two more times.

Those are some easy crochet stitches for you to use! Now practice, practice! You will find it very fun crocheting!

“Single Crochet Front Post” And “Single Crochet Back Post” Stitch


Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC)

Yarn over (yo) then insert the hook behind post of stitch (from front to back). Yarn over (yo) ,  pull through, bring up even with last stitch completed,
Yarn over (yo) , pull through 2 loops, (so you have 2 loops on hook),
Yarn over (yo) , pull through rem 2 loops to complete the stitch.

Back Post Double Crochet (BPDC)

Yarn over (yo) , insert hook into the back of your stitch (in other words from back to front), go in front of the post, pull through (3 loops on hook) bringing stitch up to height of previous stitch,

Yarn over (yo), pull through 2 loops (2 loops remaining),
Yarn over (yo)  pull through the remaining 2 loops to complete stitch.



How to Crochet: Decreases – Sc2tog and Dc2tog

There are more abbreviations that I have not listed here, but if you follow this link: Abbreviation List you will find more info on how you can know
all abbreviations.

More Crochet Stitches Instructions:

If you want to learn the abbreviations and get the crochet instructions written, please follow this link: Crochet Instructions and you will get a fast summary of the most common crochet stitches.

Find some free crochet pattern on this page: Free Crochet Patterns. Many of them are made for beginners, so you can start to create something really beautiful even from start!

On this page called Baby Booties Crochet patterns for beginnners you will find some really cute baby booties – and all of them are beginner patterns!

On Pinterest you can find many interesting crochet patterns!

Crochet is an exciting craft, and it has been around for ages. The word crochet is from the French language and means”hook”. You can read more fact about crocheting here if you like.


Don’t miss to visit our blog: My Favorite Craft!

How To Crochet Basics – Introduction

How To Crochet Basics

Crochet The Easy Granny Square

An Introduction On How To Crochet 

Congratulations on your decision to learn crochet! You have made a great craft choice! It is not that hard to learn – you will need some how to crochet basics and then you will be going!

Crocheting is very popular, and that for good reasons. This creative craft not only allows you to make some wonderful garments and household decorative items, but it also allows you to be creative and productive while you are relaxing!


Relaxing Crocheting

Once you learn some crocheting for beginners, you can easily sit back and crochet and in the same time having the TV on, listen to the radio or fellowship with your family while you crochet away and make great items.

We are many that like to have our hands busy; and not just sitting idle in the TV sofa. If you like multitasking – crocheting could be great for you!

Learning Crochet

I used to watch my grandma and my mom crochet at our family gathering. I surely was amazed that they always participated in all of the conversation, still crocheting a lot of items!

When you first start crocheting, it might seem a little bit hard to do. Thats why you will need some Crochet Stitches Instructions But do not worry…you will soon learn and you will have the satisfied feeling of knowing you created something with your own two hands. It really is a great feeling.

Crcoheting for Beginners Info – Crochet Is An Old Craft

The art of crochet has been around for thousands of years. There are times in the history when crochet was the main source of livelihood amongst European people, living in smaller villages and communities.

Long time ago; those people having means use to purchase hand crocheted and also other crafted materials for their garments and clothes.

Over the years, lace and crochet fabrics could be mass produced, and because of that it became possible for middle class to also clothe themselves in crocheted clothes.

Today, many people are choosing crochet; both because they love to make the handicraft themselves, but also because crocheting clothes and items today is very popular.

“Crochet” is coming from the word croc, which is French for hook. Crocheting is an art of creating fabrics from a thread, cord or other materials using a crochet hook.

How To Crochet Basics Tips

In order to make a crochet product you can use a variety of yarns and threads.

There are so many different textures and colors to choose from so it really is up to your beginners crochet pattern and design to decide which kind of yarn to use.

If you have never tried crocheting, learn some crocheting for beginners and start today. It is easy to learn, and this site will help you through the “how to crochet basics” to actually start your first crocheting project!

Learn some how to crochet basics here – about yarn and hooks

Back to homepage

Crocheting Ideas For Creativity

Here are some crochet ideas that might give you some crochet inspiration!

Crochet Scarves Patterns!

There are times when, when you can feel something just misses; there should be more color or the neckline will look bare.

Click Here To Get Tons Of Crochet Tips!

Most people have managed to collect a considerable number of scarves over the seasons and of course; some of these will most probably give answer to the problem.

But you also can add some touch of chic by getting some crochet ideas for your scarfs and create them yourself!

With crocheting, creating a trendy and chick scarf is not so impossible to produce and with some practice you will be able to make custom designs instead of copying those that are made by some of the leading manufacturers.

Homemade scarves are nice gifts to give people. You can make scarf with a personal touch that the recipient will surely cherish.

You will need some yarns, preferably those that are classified as “worsted-weight” yarn (any color will do) and some “G-crochet hook.” And then you need a good pattern.


Some crochet tips in choosing crochet scarves patterns:

No one wants to wear the scarf if the size is wrong. For instance, a too short scarf will not make any good, and neither will a too long scarf. So be sure to create a crochet scarf of the appropriate size and length.

If you want to really wrap it around, make it more than 80 inches long.

Choose a good pattern – see to that it fits your design and skills. If you are a beginner, it is much wiser to go for the simple-to-make styles that most patterns include. There are many patterns out there fit for crochet beginners.

A good yarn is one of the most vital elements in creating a really good scarf; for example if you want a more pizzazz; try to use metallic yarns and so on.

Crochet Shawl Patterns

A good advantage of crocheting your own shawl is you get to choose not only the color of the yarn but also the quality to give you a soft and nice shawl. You can also determine the size so it fits you perfect. Make it extra longer for more flexibility if you want to do that. You can put in tassels and other decorations to give it the look you love.

Be as innovative as you can be. To have some guide and assistance in making that masterpiece shawl is the best, so choose a pattern. As for any crochet pattern you can search the internet and most probably find the pattern you need. It is very easy to find a good pattern for crocheted shawls. E-books are great since you can download and print the instructions out.

There are web sites online that sell designs and patterns per piece, even better is to get crochet shawl pattern for free! Check the chapter about free crochet patterns and you will get web addresses to some of the sites.

Crocheting Baby Patterns

This is really an area that fits to crocheting for beginners. Many new mothers love to make their first crocheting projects while making own clothes for the baby and since buying patterns is quit expensive, the free patterns available are a very good choice. Most families with small babies coming need to save money, and here you really can save!

There are also places where you can find good quality yarn without paying a fortune, so crocheting your own clothes for the baby is not just fun, but also economical!

If you have found some free baby crochet patterns on the Internet and you have already downloaded them, be sure to them read and analyze the pattern first before buying the materials.

There are tons of designs for baby items; for example farm animals like a little lamb, a rabbit or a chick. Or you might choose a flower, a bicycle or your baby’s name or something like that! The crocheting ideas for babies are endless. Let your imagination flow. Crocheting give you the opportunity to be creative and personal!

The baby can have clothes from top to bottom using crochet patterns. You might want to choose a single color for the hat and other colors for the panties for example. The top can be like a cape or a sweater to give added warmth for the baby. The alternatives of baby clothes are endless!

Finding the perfect gift for new parents can often be a challenge since many parents already bought what they needed. In this case there is one always very welcomed gift and that is a handmade crochet baby blanket. Nobody can resist that.

There are limitless options available for yarns and fibers which you can quickly and easily crochet into a baby blanket. With the soft pinks, light blues and mellow yellow yarns, you can be sure to match any nursery decorations for the new baby.

A handcrafted gift is one which can be passed down through generations and appreciated by everyone. It is a gesture that shows the receiver that you spent a lot of time and effort to make a nice gift for them. Because of the time you have invested in the gift it will be much appreciated.

When you are going to make a blanket for a baby, there are a few things you need to keep in mind as you find your pattern and buy your supplies.

Baby Crochet Tips:

*Choose a pattern which is tightly woven if the blanket will be used by a very young baby. Often designs with any open-work allow for the baby’s fingers or toes to get caught up in the blanket. This can be both a health and a safety risk.

*Find a yarn or fiber which is both soft and machine washable. Because babies can be kind of messy, it is essential that the items made for them are easy to wash.

*If you know the color scheme of the nursery or even the sex of the baby, you might want to match your blanket colors to them. On the other hand – everything does not need to be perfectly matching; use your imagination and create a wonderful blanket that fits everywhere!

*Do not make the blanket to small, since babies grow very quickly into toddlers! Your blanket will get much more use if you make it a bit larger than your first inclination.

*While beadwork is popular in today’s crocheting patterns, beads are never appropriate for baby items since the can become a real choking hazard.

By keeping these simple things in mind, you can be well on your way to creating a baby blanket which will be cherished for years to come!

Afghan Crochet Ideas

One of the most popular products of crocheting is the afghan. It is enjoyed by both beginners and advanced crochet maker. A crocheted afghan can serve as a wrap or shawl as well as a blanket during chilly nights.

An afghan blanket can also be used as a mattress cover for the top of the bed or as a bedspread.

Afghans also make great gifts for birthdays since it is easy to personalize the motifs. A personalized baby afghan blankets is perfect for the new family and a Christmas afghan can be great during cold winter nights!

Afghans have been handed down from one generation to another as it remained fashionable after so many years had passed. Many of them have last a long period of time because of the way the material was made.

Afghans are made through the remarkable methods of crocheting and are one of the best products this kind of pastime has ever made.

It is interesting to note that people who are trying to learn the basic of crocheting considers the creation of an afghan as their initial full-size endeavor.

Making afghan crochet is absolutely simple, with no fuss and difficulty.

There are many different afghan crochet patterns established in the market, but even if there are more modernized afghan patterns made available, still the basic afghan crochet patterns are the one most used and loved.

Crocheting for beginners – Crochet afghan patterns:

Here is a list of some of the most common and most simple to use patterns. Crochet afghan patterns:

Single crochet afghan pattern

Using this pattern, you can make a simple yet very elegant crochet afghan. One good thing about this pattern is that it only uses either a pattern of stripes with varied colors or a dense and continuous color.

With its solidness, single crochet pattern for afghan are mostly used when making a cover for a chair or on a bed.

Granny square afghan

This is one of the most popular patterns in making afghan crochets. The granny squares, that can have different designs are crocheted separately and then fastened together in various motifs and figures.

Chevron stripe afghan

This type of afghan crochet pattern is very helpful for people who are beginners. It is a very good way of learning the basics of crochet as they try to create a masterpiece at once.

These are just a few of the many afghan crochet patterns that you can be interested to use. Just keep in mind that the real beauty of the product is based on the reason that it was made by the hand.

As for all crochet patterns there are various resources like craft books, crocheting magazines and crafting websites that offer complimentary crochet afghan patterns.

Reading patterns can also serve as an inspiration for you to create your own unique design. You don’t need to keep to the instructions of the patterns, at least if you have some previous experience crocheting. Use your imagination and create your own piece of art! It is not always easy when crocheting clothes that should fit well, but when crocheting a blanket, you don’t always need to be that exact.

Medallion Strips

This is an afghan pattern which consists of strips crocheted as a medallion pattern. This you might call a patchwork, since strips are done individually but are later sewn together.

Baby Afghan

The baby afghan is very easy to crochet and maybe one of the items that most people choose as their first crocheting project. It can actually be done in a few hours of time.

For example you can use this quick pattern:

Use the granny square pattern. (Se pattern on the Granny Square page)

First: Make six round of white and six round of blue. Put these two together in a checkerboard pattern. One can use a whip stitch to be able to join the squares. After joining all the squares, you now have a small blanket. This is usually around 3 by 4 squares.

Crochet Ideas for Ponchos

Amongst many items to crochet, poncho is one of the most popular! Poncho has become a fashion statement among women. You can see even with celebrities wear this classic but still modern piece of clothes.

Most of them are crocheted which makes them comfortable and stylish to wear over your plain shirt. Do you want to make one yourself? If you do that you know that it will fit perfectly and also suit your taste.

There are several designs and patterns available on the internet that you can get hold of. Here are some resources found on the web where you can find poncho patterns and instructions for free.

Coming Home Poncho

This poncho is worn by Martha Stewart and is similar to the one worn by Martha going home as well as on her “Poncho” show. This particular poncho is wide-necked with a v-shaped bottom.

The size will fit an adult medium size. The Lion Brand website offers this pattern for free with instructions.

Angelhair Ponchette.

An Angelhair Ponchette is variation of poncho, a kind of mini poncho. It has wide neckline and is not as long as ordinary ponchos.

The yarn used for this poncho is the “angel hair” type. Pattern to those ponchos can be found on Hip Vintage Crochet web site.

Diamonds and Lace Poncho.

As you can hear on the name this is a poncho that has diamond and lace design all throughout the crocheted piece. It is quit large and is about 18 inches from the neck to the bottom edge. Find it by searching for Crochet “bythehook“.

Poof Crochet Poncho

This poncho might be best for the winter season. It is crocheted as a rectangle with one side short and the other long. In this poncho you use the Poof kind of yarn. This pattern can be found from the website of Crystal palace Yarns.

Easy Peasy Poncho.

Since the Easy Peasy Poncho are having wide spaces, it fits best to be used during the warm period. This one has a v-shaped bottom with hanging strands. Visit Myra Wood’s web site and you will find the pattern there.

Granny Poncho

This is a Vintage Poncho like those worn in 1960s. The layered color pattern makes it really and stylish. These ponchos have v-shaped bottom and also a slightly v-shaped neckline. You can see ribbon and flower trimmings that give this fashion wear a fragrance of the old time! Find the pattern at Lion Brand web site.

Left-over Poncho

If you have left over yarns this kind of poncho is great since you can use all kinds of different color combinations.

There are hundreds of free poncho patterns for you to choose from. What we have listed here are only some examples. Search for different kinds and choose someone you love! I promise a great time searching for the prettiest poncho patterns!

Arizona Poncho

This particular poncho is easy to make and fits well for someone new to crocheting. This wide poncho is more like a rectangular one. When laid flat, it looks like a huge piece of crocheted square pattern with a hole in the middle.

Beauty in Bloom Poncho

This light blue ponchette is very lady like with its dark blue flower patterns just below the neckline. The length reaches slightly above the waistline.

You can find a free pattern for this crochet poncho in Crochet Pattern Central.

There are a lot more – search the internet and you will find the one you like! Here are one tips

Crocheting ideas – Choosing crochet hats patterns

Wearing a hat is something you can always do. It is not always the hottest fashion, but still it is always “right”.

A hat can be made of different fabrics and have different designs, and of course it is also possible to make a hat using crocheting.

There are stores selling crochet hats patterns. Also on Internet you can find hat patterns. (See the chapter on how to find patterns.)In order to create a unique hat; use your fantasy! Do not only choose a color for the hat as the pattern you have chosen, but the way you want it to be! A small item as a hat is quit easy to modify!

If you want to follow the fashion, check the fashion shows. Collections for the coming season are always launched some months before it arrives.

The first half of the year use to start with the bright colors. If you add some darker colors in the form of lines, strips for example; the hat will not look dull and boring.

Going towards autumn and winter, this now shifts to a darker color. Some good colors are dark blue or navy, black, violet or grey to name a few. But nothing of this is carved in stone – go for the colors and shapes you like!

The available projects for crochet hats range from the most simple crochet pattern to the professional ones. You can find patterns in various sizes from children to adult and of course in all kinds of designs.

These are just of few tips on crocheting projects. There are a lot more out there! Search for tips and ideas everywhere you go and as we use to say – The sky is the limit!


More Crocheting stuff for You:

Learning How To Crochet – A Hot Trend!

When learning to know how to crochet and while getting some basic crocheting for beginners, you will find crocheting being a fun and very creative craft! Crochet is no longer a grandma thing……


Crochet Stitches Instructions

The art of crochet has been around for a long, long time. Crocheting has been a noble art, and the items of crocheting worn only by people affording a high class lifestyle. Today, crochet is for everyone ……..


Learn To Crochet: It’s Crafty, It’s Fun and It’s Good for What Ails Yo

The Brompton Abbey Cowl

The Brompton Abbey Cowl – Student Project

Would you love to crochet up a storm before Christmas and produce one-of-a-kind mufflers, fuzzy hats and sofa throws? It sounds so crafty, showing off your artistic side and saving money in the process.

Why Learning Crochet

Many people like the idea of making their own clothes and gifts. In fact, according to the Craft Yarn Council, more than 50 million Americans craft with yarn, and a high percentage of those do crochet.

But that’s just the start of the many benefits that come from learning crochet. For example, are you, or do you know someone who is, suffering from:

Panic attacks
Post traumatic stress syndrome
Chronic pain

Then it’s time to pick up the crochet hook and get crafting. In a report on CNN, clinical neuropsychologist Catherine Carey Levisay states that “Creating is beneficial in a number of ways.” Levisay is the wife of CEO John Levisay.

Medical studies are proving what crafters have instinctively known for centuries, that making something helps both a person’s cognitive levels and her emotional state.

Following complex crochet patterns can help to put you in a state of flow. A crafter becomes so wrapped up in the work she is doing that she stops being aware of how her body feels, problems at work, with the kids or trouble with finances.

Sponsored ads:

The following patterns are student projects from different crochet classes! Click the image to see how you can learn to make these items:

Beyond Rectangles Crochet Class

Student project – Beyond Triangles


Crochet in The Round – Student Project

Psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, an expert on this mental state, says that when a crafter gets wrapped up in a project like this, “He doesn’t have enough attention left over to monitor how his body feels, or his problems at home. He can’t feel if he’s hungry or tired. His body disappears.” You become less aware of aches and pains in your body and stressors in your life.

Crocheting takes concentration and repetitive motion. Together these stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system, which calms stress, taking the mind off emotional or physical discomfort.

Crocheting is also good for your cognitive ability. Studies show that activities that demand intellectual concentration, like following a crochet pattern, can help delay dementia, speed up your thinking and improve your ability to reason.

Crafts like crochet involve multiple parts of the brain, including:

Memory, concentration, visuospatial processing, creativity, problem solving
What does all this mean? Crocheting keeps your happier, calmer and mentally alert.

Clearly learning to crochet is worthwhile. What’s stopping you?

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 Crochet Essentials Increases And Decreases  Next Steps in Crochet

How To Learn to Crochet

But it’s so hard! Or so it seems when you first get a look at a downloadable pattern that reads “Row 1: Ch 15; sc in 2nd ch from hook and in each ch across.” Huh?

And that’s just the start. Even a scarf looks complicated, let alone a fancy sweater. This is where crochet classes come in.
Learning crochet directly from an experienced crafter can speed up the process significantly.

Many communities have yarn and craft shops that offer classes in the evening and on weekends. The big plus is that you get to share your learning with other beginners. But it can be hard to find the time for busy moms, people who work long hours and seniors who don’t want to drive at night.

There’s a solution. offers a wide range of crochet classes, geared to those with beginning, intermediate and advanced skills. Topics covered include:

Beginning crochet
Foundation stitches
Reading diagrams
Freeform crochet
Shuttle tatting
Finishing, edging and borders
Cardigans, cowls and gloves
Tunisian crochet
And more!

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Improve Your Crochet: Essential Techniques Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches


What a Teacher Can Do for You

Crocheting patterns are hard to decipher when you first start out. An experienced teacher has the skill to show you how to read and use patterns and figure out what the instructions actually mean.

She can show you how to use crochet tools correctly and help you decide which ones are necessary. It is easy for beginners on their own to spend too much money on gear that is unnecessary or the wrong type for the projects they want to create. In this way, taking a class can actually save you money.

A teacher provides a structured, step-by-step approach so you learn crocheting the right way. This means your projects turn out like the picture on the pattern. This gives you added incentive to keep on with your new hobby and take it to the next level.

A teacher can show you how to get around the mistakes that you make, which are normal for every beginner. She can show you how to unravel and pick up the pattern again so you don’t have to start from scratch.

Learning from someone who knows what they are doing is the best way to get comfortable with any craft. This is especially true of one like crochet where the instructions can be daunting when you are new to the hobby.

Join a class on Learn from an expert. Watch classes on your own schedule. You never have to leave the house. Whenever you have the time, your teacher is ready to help. Once you sign up, your access never expires. There’s no risk because all classes are covered by the Craftsy 100% money-back guarantee.


Get Some Basic Starting Tips

Learn How to Crochet!

The most important thing when it comes to crocheting for beginners is to try! Do not be afraid to make a start and try some simple crochet stitches. It might not look much at the beginning, but just practice! Soon you will find it not hard at all! As with all things; when you learn to  crochet, try to be patient… I promise – you will soon get it!

All starts at the beginning so knowing how to hold the yarn is where all starts! It can be a little tricky, but just have some patience and you will get it fast!

Here Is How To Hold The Yarn:

*Take the yarn and let it pass through your fingers; something like this:

Put the yarn first over the little finger, and then beneath the ring finger. After that let the thread pass above both the forefinger and the middle finger. But this is only a suggestion. You can hold it other ways also, but we need to start somewhere!

How To Hold The Hook:

* Same as holding the yarn, there are several ways of holding the hook.  Maybe the most common way is to hold it either as you hold a pencil or a spoon. This is also known as the best way. If you hold it like that it will not be hard for you to get the hook through, getting the yarn.

Other people who are crocheting a lot think it is better to grab the hook from above. It is like holding the hook with the whole hand. This is not a very convenient way of holding the hook, but still; many prefer it this way!

As you go on and learn how to crochet for beginners you will find your own way; the one most comfortable for you. Try out those ways I mentioned here and you will soon find your unique way of holding both yarn and hook.

Hook and Yarn

Finding the right hook and the right yarn is maybe the most important when starting crocheting. Every crochet projects needs certain qualities and sizes so you have to watch out so it fits what you are about to crochet. The crochet patterns will tell you what is the most appropriate for the chosen project.

Hooks are identified by different letters and numbers. The higher the number or letter of the hook, the thicker the hook is. When it comes to yarn and the sizes and qualities the variations are shown in the name.

How To Resize

If you want to reduce the size of a project it is simple. You just deduct some stitches. It might be that you skip a stitch in a row for example. The same way you can enlarge your crochet project by insertin some more stitches in a row.

Reading A Pattern

To read through a crochet pattern is for many the biggest challenge when it comes to learning crochet. The obstacle is getting the abbreviations that fill the pattern. All abbreviations and what they stand for can be really hard to remember, but learn one at a time and you will finally make it! Have these important abbreviations fresh in mind will help you be more efficient in crocheting!

Here is a link to the most common crochet abbreviations:

Here are some facts to remember while crocheting:

* Every crochet patterns will indicate if you will do your works in rounds or in row, or maybe in a mixture of both techniques. Almost every crochet instruction works in either way.

* When you are searching for crochet patterns you will mostly find them ranked according to their level of difficulty. You can find advanced crochet patterns, intermediate, simple beginner patterns and so on. The most important thing is to choose a pattern with a difficulty level that suits you own knowledge and skill. It is not so fun finding yourself working with something that is so hard you feel you can not finish it. Better to start with simple patterns and then, increase the level of difficulty as you become more advanced.

* A good idea when starting a project is to crochet a sample of about 4 x 4 inches. That will help you get the right size for your crochet project.

If your sample results into a larger size than what the pattern suggest, you might need to change the size of your hook in order to get the right size for your project.

Be careful following the instructions when starting a project. You might need some extra patience here when you learn how to crochet, but that’s happens to all of us in the beginning! You will learn how to crochet, without a doubt and you will see; you will get faster with the hook later on! Good luck!

Here are more information on crocheting for beginners that might be a help:


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When you start to learn how to crochet and when getting some basic crocheting for beginners, you will find crocheting being a fun and very creative craft! Crochet is no longer a grandma thing – today it is a hot trend!

Maybe you remember grandma and her making hats, baby clothes and of course granny squares and more. But now you can find both men and women working with hooks and yarns making the most wonderful creations!

Today the clothing trends are using crocheted items; popular clothing designers are also smitten by crocheting. It is also very popular wearing vintage clothes and what could be more “vintage” that clothes made from the art crochet. Wear a trendy vest or hat you have crochet yourself, and you will impress everyone! You can see that there is more than one reason to learn how to crochet!

If you belong to those loving lace (like me); making crochet laces are absolutely beautiful! It is easy to make and goes quite fast. I even have made curtains all crochet! There are many crochet patterns that uses simple crochet stitches, but that still are beautiful crochet designs!

To be able to crochet you do not need a lot of things to start out and it really is not a hard skill to learn. What you need in the beginning is some crochet hooks, some yarn, a simple crochet pattern and then start! A tapestry needle and a scissor are also good to have at hand and of course a lot of determination to learn how to crochet and finish a crocheting project!