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MFC Crochet Learning Center - Part 2

Basic Crochet Stitches Instructions And Abbreviations

It can be confusing in the beginning understanding the crochet language, but as soon as you have learned and then practiced a little bit, you will find it very easy!

Crochet Stitches Instructions

Crochet Owl Purse

Here are some easy instructions if you belong to them needing some crocheting tips to get started.

 Basic Crochet Abbreviations

It all can look hard and almost impossible to grasp, but don’t worry! You just try to learn the basic abbreviations, one at a time and soon you will remember them! You will need to know them in order to read crochet patterns smoothly.

Let’s start:


CH – Chain Stitch


DEC – Decrease

DC – Double Crochet

DB DEC – Double Decrease


INC – Increase


HDC – half-double crochet


REP – Repeat

RND – Round


SC – Single Crochet

SK – Skip

SL ST- Slip Stitch

SP(S) – Spaces

ST(S) – Stitches


YO – Yarn Over


Learning Basic Crochet Stitches


“Chain stitch”

To start crocheting a chain you need to make “slip knot”. After that you pass the hook underneath the yarn and pull it through and catching the yarn with the hook. Understand?

The next step you have to do is to draw the yarn back in the loop in order to create your first chain. This is called “yarn over” when you take your hook and pass it underneath the yarn.

Now you can continue making the chain as long as you wish, or as the crochet pattern tells you!

“Slip Stitch”

The ‘slip stitch” is a special stitch for making “rounds” to the crocheting projects. This stitch has no tallness can not be made into rows.

A slipstitch is made like this: First you have to insert your hook in the chain and after that you make a “yarn over” and finish drawing a loop when your hook passes the chain. Then draw the new loop by passing the “old loop”.

“Single crochet stitch”

A tip is to practice this stitch like this:

Create a chain of let’s say fifteen chain stitches. After that; insert your hook in the second one. Make a “Yarn over” and draw a loop going through the “chain”. Make another “Yarn over” and draw the new loop through two loops on your hook.

When you are coming to the end of the row; make a ‘single crochet”; then “chain 1” and after that turn the project.

“Half double crochet stitch”

Here is a way of practicing this stitch:

Make a row of chain stitches, around fifteen or so, and then “y o” the hook.

Then insert your hook in chain number three, (the first two chain stitches will serve like one “half double crochet” stitch) and make a “yarn over”.

Pull the yarn through the stitch and yarn over the hook again. Then pull the yarn through all the three loops on your hook. Now you have made a “half double crochet”! Continue to make the same stitch in each chain stitch across.

The last thing to do is crochet two chain stitches before turning the crocheting project.

“Double crochet stitch”

Here is how to create a “Double crochet stitch”:

First you start with making a“yarn over” you hook, then put the hook in chain number four. Once more make a “yarn over” and after that pull your yarn through the two loops you have on the hook. When done that; make a “y o” one more time and finish with pulling the yarn through the remaining two loops on the hook.

Continue practicing by creating a ‘double crochet stitch” in each chain stitch left, and finish your little training project with making three chain stitches and then turn.

If you want to watch Crochet Stitches Instructions on video tutorials you can click the link.

The fastest way to learn crocheting is to join a crochet class and learn from a professional crochet instructor. Do like thousands of others that has learned crochet from scratch in this online class. You will get direct access to all the videos!

Click here to join the Crochet Lab


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Crochet Stitches Instructions,


The art of crochet has been around for a long, long time. Crocheting has been a noble art, and the items of crocheting worn only by people affording a high class lifestyle.

Today, crochet is for everyone that loves this craft. Many people buy items made by crocheting, while other loves to master the handicraft themselves!

Crocheting Tips Homepage

How To Crochet Basics – Yarn And Hooks

How To Crochet Basics

Easy Crochet Beginner Patterns

Yarn For Crocheting

One of the most important things to know about when getting some how to crochet basics is to learn about the different kinds of yarn. You can find: baby/fingering, worsted weight, chunky, sport/baby, and the bulky types of yarns and more on the market.

The different yarns are labeled by their types to distinguish the quality. This is a great help when deciding which specific yarn to use for a particular crochet product.
Then of course you also need to know about the amount of skein, care instructions, gauge, and the fiber content of the yarns.

Yarn Tips For Beginners

If you are a beginner in crochet, it might be a good advice for you to use natural fibers and yarns. These natural fibers tend to be less slippery and easier to work with.

Yarns are sold by weight rather than by length and usually packaged into balls. The most common ball size is 1-3/4 oz (50 g), but the length of the ball can vary a lot depending on the quality and thickness of the yarn.

When you purchase yarn for your projects make sure you take the time to get all of it from one dye lot. The yarn packages will be marked with a number and you want to make sure they all match. Even if you choose the same color, the nuances can vary if they are coming from different packages.

There are some few supplies you need besides the yarn in order to create your first crochet product.

Crocheting hooks

The crocheting hooks are the tools to use while crocheting and they are made of aluminum, wooden or plastic materials. The wooden made crochet hooks is easier for the fingers to handle and it is also considered as the most affordable.

Notice that crochet hooks are available in many different sizes, all from 2 millimeters to 15 millimeters, and labeled with numbers and letters; the higher the number or letter then the larger and thicker the size of the hook.

Use the kind of crochet hook you’re most comfortable with and the one that will help you achieve the correct gauge for a pattern.

While crocheting laces and doilies you most likely need to use crochet hooks in stainless steel. Those hooks are having different sizes than the plastic and wooden ones, but is necessary to make thin lace creations.


Information in the Crochet Patterns

In the crochet patterns you can see which size to use in the particular crochet project. The choice of size is depending on the size of the yarn and what kind of item you are creating.

The crochet hooks are used in catching the loops of the yarn used in crocheting. The special hook also draws the stitches made from loosening and sliding from the chain stitches.

Read more how to crochet basics here: