Cherry Cupcake Amigurumi Toy Food

To the pattern: Cherry Cupcake Amigurumi Toy Food 

Cherry Cupcake Amigurumi Toy Food


 Funny and Creative Patterns:

I really love to be creative with crochet. You can make so many lovely things using only some left over yarn.  Many time we only think that crochet and yarn just can be used for clothes like hats and things but you can also use the art of crochet to make things for your home! Make pillows, curtains, coasters and more! Dare to make something that not anybody else has!

One way of making lovely things for your home is to go vintage…to make things that are both trendy and old-fashioned. Doilies are such things. Doilies are perfect if you want a touch of the past in your home! You can also make a smaller project like these cupcakes and ice cream amigurumi toys. I love them..make them and use them as toys, or do as my friend..make them and put on a plate in the kitchen…looks very inviting and homely!

About the Cherry Cupcake pattern:

The pattern is written using UK and USA crochet terms, with full sentences.There are no abbreviations used. Also, there are no sewing skills required to make this pattern.

After your order, you’ll be sent a specified receipt stating the amount of paid sales tax in percentage (21%) and in US Dollar (for instance $0.98).

Skill level: easy.

There are a lot of detailed pictures included to guide you through the pattern.


  • around 3″ / 7.5cm tall for the cakes


  • Needed to make this crochet pattern: – leftover yarns.
  • You really don’t need a lot of yarn to make this cupcake. – a 2.5mm crochet needle, if you want the cakes and the ice cream cone to be the same size as pictured (around 3″ / 7.5cm tall for the cakes).
  • – a little bit of filling material can be a left over as well.
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