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Crochet Blanket Patterns Says Love!

Crochet Blanket Patterns Says Love!

What can you create that will bless the life of the recipient more than a blanket? This collection of crochet blanket patterns will help you as you crochet, it will offer you the inspiration that you need to create something amazing.

Check out these Victorian Inspired Crochet Blanket Patterns…

They are so popular and people are asking for the patterns all the time.

VictorianCrochetBabyBlanket_1 babyblanketpatternvictorian89ccp_aiid1234239
Victorian Crochet Baby
Blanket CCP Pattern

Baby Blanket Pattern – Victorian #89 CCP


Advanced Crochet Blanket Patterns

When you know how to crochet, you want to create beautiful things with the work that you complete. When you know how to crochet, you want to create useful things with the work that you complete. You want the crochet work that you do to accomplish great things, you want the crochet work that you do to be for a reason and a purpose. What can you crochet that is more useful than a blanket?

The patterns below are a little bit trickier to make, so in order to make them you need advanced crochet skill; which means you must have crochet experience and knowledge about certain stitches and techniques. Read about the pattern on the sales page and you will find out what skills that are needed for the specific pattern! Good Luck with your project!

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To the pattern: Rainbow Baby Blanket
AnimalSafariCrochetAfghanBlanket_1 full_280_92614_MermaidMeBlanket_1 full_6775_119051_GrenobleMatelassAfghan_5
Animal Safari Crochet
Afghan Blanket Pattern
Mermaid Me Blanket  Grenoble Matisse Afghan Pattern


Crochet Afghan Blanket Patterns – Video Presentations

The videos below are not tutorials, they are only presenting the pattern convenient for you; information about sizes, yarn, hooks etc. To get the pattern; click the link below the videos!

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 Victorian Crochet Baby Blanket CCP Pattern Owl Obsession Blanket
Paintbrusch Pillow & Afgan Pattern




Give Away A Crocheted Blanket

When you need to create a gift for someone, whether for a birthday or graduation, you will find that a crochet blanket is something that will be appreciated by all ages and all types of people. The crochet blanket patterns that you find here will help you as you work to create the best gift for those special people in your life. You will find the perfect pattern here for that special person who will be receiving a blanket from you. Whether you are creating a blanket for a child or an adult, the blanket patterns that are found here will help you to craft something that is beautiful and perfect for that individual.

Nothing says love like a handmade blanket, and this collection of patterns helps you as you seek to create a handmade blanket that is special and beautiful. If you know how to crochet, then you know how to create an excellent gift. Whether you are looking to create a blanket for a gift or for display in your own home, you will find the help that you need in this collection of crochet blanket patterns.

Women in Prayer Shawl Ministry put care and prayer into items they make for Baltimore Sun


Top-Selling Crochet Blanket Patterns

Quick and Easy Mermaid Blanket Tail BREATH crocheted baby blanket Peacock Pretty Blanket
Quick and Easy Mermaid Blanket Tail BREATH crocheted baby blanket Peacock Pretty Blanket Pattern


More Beautiful Blankets Patterns:

131280 130223 128765
Dream Catcher Blanket Patterns Floral Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Little Sheep Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern



NEW: Easy Crochet Blanket KITS:

Crochet blanket Easy Peasy Blanket kit
Eyelets and Textures Blanket by
Yarnspirations Crochet Kit
 Easy Peasy Blanket by Yarnspirations Crochet Kit


Creating a Crochet Afghan or Blanket

To crochet afghan or blanket patterns are favored amongst crocheter, both beginners and advanced crocheter love to make these covers for their family or friends.

I think there are many reasons for why so many choose a blanket for a project. First of all it is a very practical and useful item. It can serve as a shawl during chilly evenings. Who does not want to wrap themselves in a cozy blanket…

But a blanket can be useful in other way also. Why not use it as a cover for the top of your bed, or even as a bedspread.

One benefit of making an Afghan is that you can easily personalize it by incorporate some motifs into the pattern. That will be appreciated as a family blanket and might also become something of a heirloom for your family.




New Crochet Class: Modern Crochet Afghans: Color & Texture

Modern Crochet Afghans: Color & Texture


Beautiful Crochet Afghan KITS – patterns and yarn:

The below pictures are showing Crochet KITS, which means that you buy both pattern and yarn in the same package. Very convenient for you, just start the crochet afghan project as soon as the package arrive!

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5525_-1411147796119 2620_-1410461661270 727_-1448389924107
Shaded Ripple Afghan KIT  Cozy Nights Ripple Afghan KIT Celtic Afghan KIT 

Baby Blanket Crochet KITS

   crestedbandsbycascadeyarnsknitblanketkit_aiid2079260 cabledcherubbabyblanketbycascadecrochetkit_aiid2204648
Crested Bands Baby Blanket KIT Cabled Cherub Baby Blanket KIT 

Springtime Stroller Blankie Crochet KIT


Adorable Crochet Baby Blanket Patterns!

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Crochet Blanket Patterns full_4391_103788_ShellStitchBabyBlanket_4
Crochet Crocodile Stitch
Baby Blanket
Shell Stitch Baby Blanket
full_2555_125116_RainyDayFlowers_5 full_6157_133464_CatLoverBlanket_1
Rainy Day Flowers Blanket Cat Lover Blanket 

Crochet Kits for Baby Blankets And Boots

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Try these KITS – pattern & yarn  – super convenient for you!

Baby Ancle Boots Kit Leafy Baby Blanket Kit Dreamy baby Afgan Kit
Baby Ancle Boots KIT Leafy Baby Blanket KIT Dreamy Baby Afghan Kit

FREE Blanket Afghan Patterns Made Easy

All of the blanket crochet patterns below are easy to make, so even beginners are able to crochet any item. To get hold of the pattern; just click the image or the link below and you will be taken to the designers sales page where you can download them. And all of the six blanket patterns below are FREE!

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full_3650_68764_BasketWeavewithKeith_1 Free baby Crochet Patterns full_792_95931_IrishWaveBabyAfghan_5
Basket Weave with Keite Spring into Summer Blanket Pattern Irish Wave Baby Afghan
full_2452_75205_CitrusStripeBlanket_4 full_4426_135408_crochet3Dblanketorrug_2 Granny Blanket
Citrus Stripe Blanket Crochet 3D Blanket or Rug Easy GrannyBlanket




Easy Crochet Blankets For Beginners

If you are a beginner to crochet it can sometimes be hard to find a nice pattern that you will be able to make. But the thing is that there are patterns that look really advanced but are really not. Some of the patterns below I would never guess was suited for beginners, but they are! So even if you have not made so many crocheted items so far; you can still create things you can be really proud of!

Check Out These Easy Patterns:

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Peacock Pretty Blanket Crocheted Daisy Afghan(1) HappyOwlAfghanandAmiCrochetPatte_5
Peacock Pretty Blanket Pattern

Crocheted Daisy Afghan Pattern

Happy Owl Afghan and Ami Pattern

CrochetReversibleBabyBlanket_5 full_9097_66678_TeddyBearCrochetBabyBlanketCCP_3
One Skein Baby Blanket Crochet Reversible Baby Blanket Teddy Bear Crochet Baby
Blanket #58 CCP

If you need some help with stitches; we have some tutorials posted for you so you can easily get the help you need:


Crochet Resource Links:

Learn The Basic Stitches From Video Tutorials

Crochet Basics – Yarn And Hooks

Some written Crochet Instructions and Abbreviation Explanation

Learn the Crochet Basics Class




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