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Beyond Rectangles Crochet Class

#ad Beyond Rectangles Crochet Class – Student Project

Crocheting: Beyond Rectangles with Linda Permann

If you want to take a step further crocheting and leave the baby blanket patterns, this is the crochet class online for you!

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In this course, you can advance your crochet skills. Linda Permann, who is a published author and also a crochet designer, will show you techniques like: how to shape, edge and finish any crochet project, and make sure you will be really proud of your next project!

You will go through how to make a gauge swatch and choose the right yarn, and of course how to crochet a garment.

All stuff like link stitches, increase, decrease and tons of tips and tricks that will help you make your first baby cardigan pattern.

In these crochet lessons, you will get in-depth tutorials on blocking and finishing that fits every level of crocheter.

She will also show you fun surface embellishment technique that you can use to make monograms, flowers etc for your sweater.

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This is what you will need for the class:
DK Weight Cotton (CYCA Size 3), approximately 345 yds/315 m in main color
50yds/45m contrast color


Crochet Class Online – What people are saying:

* One woman have tried to make garments but the projects never worked and she was about to give it up. But this crochet class helped her through the intimidation for making garments and she now has a great finished project!

* One other student writes that she was a very rusty using American patterns, but in this class she got all the help she needed with abbreviations and reading the patterns. She is very satisfied with the explanations that the teacher gave and enjoyed the class very much!

Learning how to crochet a baby sweater

* Voice number three about the class says that this is a great class if you are a beginner or an intermediate crocheter. You will learn how to crochet a baby sweater, but what you learn can apply to any garment.

* Students of this class are really satisfied with Linda as an instructor. One student says the instructions are very easy to follow and has a way of teaching that will not make you feel hassled.

* The class is structured, clear and relaxed.

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