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Nice Crochet Clothing Patterns

Get Some Nice Crochet Clothing Patterns

To crochet clothing patterns is, and should always be a fun thing to do. Not only it is a fun pastime to have, it means that you end up with nice clothes for yourself, and for others. This website is a place to get crochet patterns from, ranging from the straightforward ones, through to more complex ones.

Beautiful Crochet Sweaters Patterns

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Hooded SweatShirt Crochet Clothing Pattern The Pineapple Robe Crochet clothing patterns Crochet Boatneck Sweater Top clothing pattern
Hooded SweatShirt The Pineapple Robe Pattern Crochet Boatneck Sweater Top
 Circle Vestor Shrug Clothing Crochet pattern Crochet Bohemian Clothing pattern
Crochet Circle Vestor Shrug  Crochet Bohemian Vest Stevie
Nicks Style Pattern

The above patterns are mostly very suitable for crochet beginners. At a first glance, they might seem a little bit complicated, but really, almost all of them would fit into the category of crochet clothing patterns for beginners.

The only exception should be the Pinapple Robe Pattern that is made for those with intermediate crochet skills, which means you need to know the basics about crochet and have some experience.

Do not hesitate to try some of these patterns, to crochet sweaters might sound over ambitious for some, but believe me with these beginner crochet clothing patterns, the patterns will work up faster than you think. On our Summer Pattern Page, you will find other clothes to crochet.

If you want to know more about the Pineapple Robe pattern; here is a video that will tell you some information about this easy beginner crochet pattern.



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The classes are available for you 24/7, all year round and you have lifetime access. That means that whenever you want you can go back and listen to the lesson over and over again. If you are anything like me you need to listen to things more than ones for than ones in order to really get hold of every detail! So do not wait any longer, but start learning how to make a sweater now!

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Tunisian Crochet 

Crochet Cardigan Class Tunisian Crochet Class



To the pattern: The Pineapple Robe Pattern




Lovely Crochet Boot Patterns

Beautiful Crocodile Stitch Boots (Adult Sizes) Crochet Pattern

Crocodile Stitch Boots (Adult Sizes) Crochet Pattern Buy smart:

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(Both Pattern And Yarn)


Only The Patterns:

Click Here To Get: Crocodile Stitch Boots (Adult Sizes) Pattern

For The Same Pattern inThree Sizes: Crocodile Stitch Boots Trio Pattern

Only Baby Size: Crocodile Stitch Booties (Baby Sizes) Pattern


Learn the Crocodile Stitch from a crochet expert:

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Crocodile Stitch Boots Adult Sizes Crochet Pattern


Crocheting Tips Resource Box:





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Luxury Leg Warmers Pattern Peacock Arm Warmers Pattern 
Angel Wings Barefoot Sandals -easy Pattern Crocodile Stitch Boots Trio pattern
Angel Wings Barefoot Sandals -easy Pattern Crocodile Stitch Boots




  1.  For Some Free Crochet Baby Clothes Patterns, Look Here.

  2. More Cute Baby Crochet Patterns

  3. For Free Crochet Patterns Click Here

  4. For Crochet Hat Patterns Click Here



Learn to make beautiful mittens and gloves – This class will teach you everything you need!

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Crochet Mittens & Fingerless Gloves

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Different Crochet Clothing Patterns

We cater for different levels of expertise from the enthusiastic beginner up to the highly experienced sewer. Here I hope you can find whatever you need to complete all of your crochet projects ranging from crochet sweater patterns to crochet baby clothes patterns.

These easy to use patterns will lead you to produce some fine looking clothes, that you can proudly people you made yourself. Our patterns will allow you to make nice clothes for babies, your family, friends, and even yourself.

We recommend that you use the highest quality materials to get the most out of our patterns, and your efforts to crochet to end up with great looking clothes to wear and to give as gifts.   From basic crochet clothing patterns to the most advanced ones we have many to choose from to meet your crochet needs and desires.


Here is a website with crochet clothing patterns, like dresses and so on.


Affiliate Disclosure: This website contains affiliate links and the owner of the site might be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the images or links.


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