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Crochet Doily Patterns

Crochet Doily Patterns – Gives Cozy Feelings!

I don’t know about you, but I love doilies! The crochet doily patterns remind me of my childhood and give me a real nostalgic feeling. Dainty vintage doilies can bring such a breath of fresh air to any room!

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Turtledoves Doily Crochet Pattern - Kit

Lattice Lace Doily Crochet Pattern - Kit Crochet Doily Patterns

Turtledoves Doily Kit

Lattice Lace Doily Kit

Clarice Doily Crochet Kit


Crochet Doily Patterns Shaded Lace Doily Pattern Hooyy Hoo Crochet Doily Pattern

Petals Picots Crochet Mandala Doily

0780 Shaded Lace Doily Pattern Hooyy Hoo Pattern 

The first patterns above; the colorful Mandala doily is a sweet, candylike pattern that anyone; even a crochet beginner can put together. I has such lovely, lovely colors and will be a great asset where ever you place it!

Even so the shaded lace pattern; a beautiful pattern that uses three colors to create the shadow effect. This pattern though might demand some crochet skills for you. The designer says you should be an intermediate crocheter to crochet this pattern.

The Hooty Hoo Patterns is just so very cute I think! it is just one of those doily patterns that would be lovely as a gift! The patterns is slightly advanced; which means that you must have some crochet experience in order to crochet this pattern.


Christmas Lattice and Shell Doily Crochet
Christmas Lattice and Shell Doily
Candide Egg Doily Crochet Pattern Friendship Hearts Crochet Doily Pattern Posh Pineapple Doily Pattern  
Candide Egg Doily Pattern Friendship Hearts Pattern  Posh Pineapple Doily Pattern



Crochet Vintage Doilies For Your Home

A beautiful vintage doily table runner will light up a table top. With rustic weddings being the new trend, doilies would be gorgeous wrapped around mason jars filled with candles. The pattern that the doily would show off would be a lovely touch on each table that would sure make a bride happy!

Doilies sewed onto pillows can add such a personal eclectic feel in your living room when entertaining guests. Many friends will probably ask you, “How’d you make that?”

Not Only Doilies Patterns…

Crocheting is such a rewarding, enlightening, and relaxing hobby. Not only can you take this craft with you anywhere you go, but if it’s chilly outside, you already have a warm blanket!

It allows you to dream a little bigger, be creative and colorful, and express your fun personality through art. Once you try one pattern, you’ll be so excited to try more!

The doilies patterns are like said so many memories, just the glance of a vintage looking doily pattern gives me vibes of home.



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