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Crochet Flower Pattern

Fun and Fast Crochet Flower Patterns

To crochet a flower is a fast and fun way of using the crochet hook and some left-over yarn! Find yourself a nice crochet flower pattern below and start today!

If you want to dive deep inte the world of crochet flowers, check this dvd out. It is packed with info on how to crochet various flowers for all occasions!

Learn to Crochet Flowers DVD

Below you can find several flower patterns.What are you looking for…? A daisy, a flower made of crocodile stitches or maybe a beautiful rose? It is so exciting to create theses flowers and can easily use them as embellishment on clothes, pillows etc. Use your fantasy and create!!!

Crochet Flower Pattern full_5744_11962_AllFlowers_3


Gratitude Flower

All Flowers

Crocodile Stitch Flower
full_5426_107707_PicotPicotFlower_1 CrochetFlowerAppliquePattern_3 BigButtonInterchangeableFlowers_1
Picot-Picot Flower Pattern Crochet Flowers 10+3 Leafs Big Button Interchangeable Flowers
full_7809_129959_DaisyandLeafcrochetpattern_1 full_9606_134130_HybridTeaRose_1
Daisy And Leaf Crochet Pattern Hybrid Tea Rose
  • red

Take a Look at These Beautiful Flower Blanket Patterns:

130223 (1) babyblanketflowersintheclouds_aiid1753464 doilyflowerblanket_aiid1627706
Floral Baby Blanket Crochet Pattern

Baby Blanket: “Flowers in the clouds”

Doily Flower Blanket Pattern


Ideas On How You Can Use A Crochet Flower:

In fact; you can use the crochet flowers on almost anything!

  • Make some flower embellishment for your purse or handbag. It will look both nice and unique!
  • You can attach a flower to your t-shirt or sweater; it will make it look very personal!
  • Cover holes and other problem areas; who has not ruined a new t-shirt with a spot of some kind? A crocheted flower will help you to be able to use the shirt again!
  • Decorate your headbands and hats with a nice looking flower in a color that fits well.
  • Many are using the crochet flower on accessories like wristband etc.
  • And don’t forget to decorate your home with them if you love flowers! A crocheted flower attached to your pillow or afghan can be very nice!
  • Have you tried small, small crochet flower in your scrapbook?


MyFavoriteCraft’s Increase Your Skills Tips:

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Freeform Crochet
Crafty Crochet Embellishments  Free Form Crochet


Flower on Clothes:

It will make a very nice and often personal touch if you add a flower to your clothes. Below are some suggestions, but if you use your imagination you can find many more ways to create with crochet flowers!

Crochet Flower Patterns for Childrens Hats

exturedNewsboyCrochetHat_1 CrochetBaseballCap
Textured Newsboy Hat Pattern Baseball Cap w. flower
full_7222_36886_CrissCrossApplesauceBeanie_1 TheMadisonHat_2
Criss Cross Apple Sauce Beanie Baby Hat Girls –
10 yrs Old With Flower


Crochet Cowls and Hats with Flowers

full_5692_14506_ThePerfectCowlwdetachableflower_2 BlushingFlowersInfinityScarf_2 full_3911_134514_CrochetFlowerLariatScarf_4
Perfect Cowl w. Flower Pattern Blushing Flowers Pattern Crochet Flower Scarf
Contemporary Crochet Beret Hat


Headbands with Crochet Flowers

FREE full_675_722_CozyFloweredHeadband_2 full_9980_2783_EleganceEasyHeadbandALLSizes_5
Butterfly and Flower Headbands Pattern Cozy HeadBand Elegance – Easy Headband


Crochet Flower Love!

It is lovely to crochet flowers! I love it so much. I guess it fits my personality…I really like when I can finish my crochet projects quick and without hassle! I like fast results in almost everything I do! So crocheting flowers suits me, for sure!

And then; it is so easy to be creative with these flowers; you can easily change color on your crocheted flower, and give it an other look, and you can also twist the flower crochet pattern a little bit and make a totally different flower! It does not matter if you make a mess of your try…it does not cost you so much…just some left over yarn…!

And of course; there are more things I like with crocheting flowers. It is a good way of taking care of left over yarns from other projects, and it is also very convenient to bring along in the car; the bus or any where else you know you will get some minutes to use for crocheting.

Various Crochet Flowers

When it comes to crochet flower patterns there are a lot of them as you can see on this page. So many beautiful patterns that will get you inspired in an instant if you are a flower freak like I am. We also offer free crochet flowers free for beginners.

Have you ever tried to crochet a rose – maybe the most beautiful of all flowers that we have…(if you ask me, that is….:)  or a sweet little daisy? Or maybe you prefer a 3D flower made by crocodile stitches. Really nice, actually. You can fins easy crochet flower patterns as well as more advanced flower patterns. And if you like to watch how to do ite, you might as well watch some crochet flower patterns video to help you get started.

Well, there are so many variations to choose from, so why not just get started! Dig deep in your yarn basket and grab some colorful yarn and crochet your first flower! You will love it!

Where To Use Crochet Flowers

The thing with the crochet flower is that you can put them almost on everything; on hats, on baskets, on pillows and more. You can even find crochet flowers for hair clips. Actually, there are many place you can have use of a crochet flower (read the pointed list above).

You can also make a blanket or afghan using nothing but flowers if you know how to join crochet flowers together. You will find some crochet flowers videos here on this page also.


Free Crochet Flower Tutorials


More Flower Pattern Ideas:

Floweringrannysquaremotif_1 FaceScrubbieswithStoragePouch_2
Flower In Granny Square Face Scrubbies with Storage Pouch

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