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Free Baby Crochet Patterns For Download

Free Baby Crochet Patterns For Download

Nothing can be more inspiring than crochet items for a little baby. It does not matter if it is your own baby or maybe your grandchild, or some other little cutie – to choose a baby crochet pattern and start a project is just a great feeling! Here on this page I have posted some free baby crochet patterns; baby blankets, some irresistible baby dresses patterns and, of course, some free baby booties patterns and more. Just pick a pattern and enjoy!

Some Irresistible Free Baby Crochet Patterns:


FREE Crochet Baby Booties Pattern

6-9 Months Baby Winter Boots

Bunny Baby Booties Crochet Pattern

Baby sweater for 3-4 y.o.

Baby Sweater

Free Crochet Baby Dress Patterns

Aren’t they all so cute; small irresistible dresses for the little princess to wear! The patterns below are all worth trying! And remember; they are all free to download.


Granny Square crochet/
fabric dress Pattern

Baby Pineapple Party Dress Little White Dress Pattern

The first baby dress pattern is a combo between crochet and sewing. The crochet part is very easy – it is built on granny squares…maybe the most common crochet pattern we have!

So this free baby dress pattern is good for crochet beginners. In order to make the pineapple party dress, you might need to have some experience crocheting. The pattern is worked in a lovely soft baby yarn, with crochet cotton edgings. It also has delicate lace on the hem…so nice!

The “Little white dress” is an advanced pattern, but the designer says that if you are used to crochet doilies, you are also able to get this pattern. So why not try this little lacy baby dress crochet pattern!

It for sure will be a great success at any event!


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In this Craftsy class with Kim Werker, you will learn tons of skills. You will get more of your basic crochet skills and learn fundamentals such as crochet lace, cables, bobbles etc. Craftsy always gives a money-back guarantee, so there is no risk involved buying the class.

Click the link and start the fun today!    

Next Steps in Crochet

Click Here To join The Class: Next Steps in Crochet




 Crochet Blankets Patterns Made Easy:

full_792_95931_IrishWaveBabyAfghan_5 full_7742_24962_CrocodileStitchBabyBlanket_1-240x300 full_2452_75205_CitrusStripeBlanket_4
Irish Wave Baby Afghan Crochet Crocodile Stitch Baby Blanket Citrus Stripe Blanket
ScrapRippleAfghan_3 BabysBestBumpyBlanket
Scrap Ripple Afgan (Baby,toddler) Bumpy Baby BlanketAdorable 

All of the above baby blanket patterns are made for beginners. (Maybe except for the crocodile stitch blanket that need you to have intermediate skills.) They might look a little bit complicated at first glance, but they really are not. They are all so cute and are perfect to wrap around your baby. The samples are all made in Worsted weight yarn.

On this page we have more crochet blanket patterns to choose from. Some of them are free others not. Go check the blanket page out here. If you want only free easy crochet patterns; this page have many of them. Now we also have a page with free crochet hat patterns, if that is what you are looking for!


MFC:s Crochet Resource Box:

 Basic Stiches Instructions – Video Tutorials

* Get The Crochet Basics about Yarn And Hooks

* Written Explanation – Crochet Instructions and Abbreviation 

Crochet Clasc That Will Teach The Crochet Basics


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Free Crochet Baby Dress Patterns

Aren’t they all so cute; small irresistible dresses for the little princess to wear! The patterns below are all worth trying! And remember; they are all free to download.

More Cute Baby Clothes Patterns:

full_5542_43562_HeartsOnSleeveSweater_1 full_2099_110539_KimonoWrapRevisited_5
Hearts On Sleeve Sweater Kimono Wrap Revisited


Crochet Baby Booties Pattern For Download

Here are some really classic when it comes to patterns; the baby booties patterns! Make a bunch of them and give away when you visit a family with a little one…super great presents!

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MaryJaneSkimmerBooties_3 SimplyCuteBabyBooties_1
Mary Jane Skimmer Booties Cute Baby Booties

The cool “Loopy Baby Booties” are so fun to make, but you will have some crochet experience to put them together. The designer says that you need to have a firm grasp of how to work the loop stitch in order make the crocheting of this booties pattern a success.

On the other hand, the Mary Jane Skimmer Booties pattern are easy to make and fit a beginner and “Simply Cute Baby Booties” are super, super easy…a pattern that even a novice can crochet in no time at all! So there are baby booties patterns for beginners and also for the more advanced crocheter. And all three of the patterns are free.

Find more Free Crochet Patterns for Baby Booties Squidoo – and some summer patterns here:  Baby Sandals Free Crochet Patterns AllCrafts Free Crafts


*  If You Want Other Baby Booties Patterns: Click Here

* More Cute Baby Patterns Here!

* Some Fun Crochet Toys Pattern!



Crochet Baby Toy Patterns – For Free

To crochet clothes for the baby is fun, but so are crocheting baby toys! There are things to be careful about though when making toys. ( safety things…no loose buttons and stuff…) If you want some advice on safety baby crochet, please visit this page; there you can find a box with some written things to consider.)

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ThreeVersionsofElephant_1 HowietheHolidayPenguin_1
Three Versions of Elephants  Howie The Holiday Penguin Pattern

Free Crochet Baby Hat Patterns

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ATrioofPrettyBabyHats_1 Crocheting: free crochet football hat
BabyHats Free Crochet Football Hat Pattern


Get more free baby crochet patterns – these baby patterns are simple to make: Star Stitch Baby Washcloth Dishcloth My Hobby Is Crochet





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