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Free Crochet Hat Patterns To Enjoy

Free Crochet Hat Patterns To Enjoy

Crocheting a hat for a friend or family member is a fun labor of love. Hats can be tailored to suit a person’s interests, lifestyle, and his environment. There are so many fun free crochet hat patterns that it is a sure bet you will easily find something that will suit each person on your “Must Crochet A Hat For Them” list!

Free Crochet Hat Patterns For Beginners

Alpaca Cluster Crochet Hat Ginger Slouchy Hat Pattern

Alpaca Cluster Crochet Hat

Ginger Slouchy Hat
Apple Blossoms Hat Pattern simple shell stitch slouchy hat

Apple Blossoms Hat

simple shell stitch slouchy hat

The Perfect Preemie Beanie Crochet Hat

Crochet Beanie Hat PDF

The Perfect Preemie Beanie Crochet Hat

Crochet Beanie Hat PDF


Take advantage of all the free crochet hat patterns for newbies on this page! You do not need to hesitate to try since the patterns are for free and the only thing you’ll need will be a skein of yarn….maybe you already have some suitable yarn in your stash at home. For these hats, you will not need a lot of yarn, and I think everyone knows that a crochet hat pattern is a perfect beginner project.

So start your new craft adventure and make a hat for yourself or for your kid or anyone you want to surprise!

Free Animal crochet hat patterns for babies


Free Crochet Hooded Cowl Pattern

This Hooded Cowl is lovely! Click the video and get the information about the pattern right here!

To The pattern: Harlequin Hoodie – a Hood With Cowl



FFree Online Crochet Class

Hone your crochet skills:  Join This FREE Crochet Class: Amazing Crochet Textures
Ribbing, Cables & Bead   with Drew Emborsky
Yes, I will Join This Free Crochet Class!



The first step to crocheting a hat is to really consider the person you are creating a hat for. What interests this person? How old are they? Do they live in a warm or cold climate? Once you have the answers to these basic questions, it is time for the fun part…..picking out a pattern! There are stocking hats, beanies, newsboy hats, hooded cowls, baby hats, and ear warmers.

Free Animal Crochet Hat Patterns To Make!

Do you have an animal lover on your list? There are animal themed hats! Just check below! Do you have a kid, tween, teen, or adult that loves a certain pop culture character? There are plenty of patterns available for popular characters!

Here you can find some free Animal crochet hat patterns for babies and children!

  Lily Ballerina's© Free Frog Hat Patterns full_3680_53724_OwlHat_2 full_7823_71137_SlyFoxHat_2
 Lily Ballerina’s©
Free Frog Hat Patterns
Owl Hat   Sly Fox Hat
full_171_87038_PenguinEarflapHat_1 full_1196_21070_EasyBabyBunnyHat_1 Crochet Green Pig Angry Bird Child Hat
Penguin Earflap hat Easy Bunny Hat

Crochet Green Pig Angry Bird Child Hat





Free Crochet Hat Patterns For Cancer Patients

Chemo Cap Free Crochet Hat Pattern

Chemo Cap for MD Anderson Cancer Center Free Crochet Hat Pattern


Are you crocheting a hat as a labor of love for a loved one or stranger going through


? There are plenty of ideas and patterns to use for this particular ministry. Click The Link on the left side to come to the Chemo Cap pattern page.


Choosing The Right Yarn For Your Crochet Hat Pattern

The next step to crocheting a hat is to think about what kind of yarn to use. If you have ever visited a yarn store then you know that this is not necessarily an easy task. There are many, many, many yarns! The best yarn to use for a hat is soft, machine washable, and holds elasticity. There are many yarns that will work, the trick is to find the best one for your project.

The first tip to figuring out the best yarn to use for your particular crochet pattern is to READ THE YARN LABEL. The yarn label will give you a ton of important information. It will let you know what the yarn is made of which will tell you if the yarn will have the elasticity that you need. Combinations of cotton, acrylic, and wool will work great for a hat as long as the yarn feels soft and is washable.

Wool and many acrylics have enough elasticity on their own to work for a hat, but 100% plant fiber is not recommended as yarn for a hat. Yarn made of 100% plant fiber does not have enough natural stretch to work on iitsown for a hat. The next thing the yarn label will tell you is if the yarn is machine washable or not. If the yarn is not machine washable then put it back. Ease of washability is important for hat making. If you choose wool to make sure it is a wool that is a superwash variety. Superwash is simply a treatment that has been done to wool that makes it machine washable.

After you have read about your yarn, really give it a good feel. Rub the yarn on your wrist or neck and see how soft it feels. Those areas are tender and if the yarn feels soft, then it is a sure bet that the yarn will feel comfortable once made into a crochet hat.

Free Crochet Hat Patterns

The last step is to crochet your hat. Pick a pattern that is up to your level of skill. There will be patterns for beginners as well as advanced crocheters. Have fun with your hat pattern, and think about the person you are making it for while crocheting. Crocheting hats is a labor of love so enjoy the time you spend doing it!


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  1. Valerie Hammersley says:

    Hi, I am very new to crochet and have never used a pattern…. However, I would like a very easy pattern for beanie hats for men. Are they different sizes or how do you adjust a pattern to accommodate for big heads…. LOL

    • says:

      Hi!….Haha! Yes, most pattern are including descriptions on different sizes, but since each pattern are different you better check the salespage for the pattern you like and read what’s included in your particular pattern…Good Luck!

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