How to Crochet a Blanket

Nothing spreads comfort and love quite like a handmade blanket does.

When you know how to crochet, a whole new world is opened up to you, a world full of patterns and ideas related to the creation of blankets.

If you want to know how to crochet a blanket, you have come to the right place. You will find all of the inspiration and guidance that you need in this collection right here.

You can crochet a blanket, you can make something that is special and full of love.

Several Ways Of Learning How To Crochet A Blanket:

This is what you will find on this page:

  1. Simple Patterns With Instructions That Are Easy To Follow
  2. MyFavoriteCrafts Link Box To Basic Crochet Instructions
  3. Recommendation of Crochet Class with Basic Crochet Instructions
  4. Links To Excellent Pages With Picture Tutorials And Basic Instructions On Crocheting A Blanket
  5. Free Video Turorials Showing Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns


1. Simple Patterns With Easy Instructions

The following patterns are all very simple and made for novice crocheter. That means that if you have never been crocheting a blanket before, you can do it with just the basic knowledge of crochet stitches and the patterns below.

with written instructions, completed with detailed
pictures and 
diagrams, 25 sheets. And video tutorial.
Easy crochet pattern! Great beginner pattern
Designed specifically for BEGINNER crocheters
This pattern starts out as a 12×12 square.
Following the instructions in the pattern,
you can create as large of a blanket as you’d like 
How to Crochet a Blanket   full_1523_37092_BabyBlanketAfghanBuildAShell_3 full_1739_1300_AWholeLottaHoles_1
FREE Crochet 3D Blanket or Rug Baby Blanket Afghan Build-A-Shell A Whole Lotta Holes


2: MyFavoriteCrafts Link Box To Basic Crochet Instructions


 Crochet Resource Box:

Learn The Basic Stiches From Video Tutorials
Crochet Basics – Yarn And Hooks
Some written Crochet Instructions and Abbreviation Explanation
Learn the Crochet Basics Class



3. Recommeded Basic Crochet Classes

Professional Teachers Show You Exactly How To Crochet. Click The Image or Link To Join The Class.

Improve Your Crochet: Essential Techniques Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches
Improve Your Crochet Techniques Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches
Crochet: Basics & Beyond
Crochet Basics And Beyond

All of the above Crochet Classes are suitable for beginners that wants to learn how to crochet. You will get the basic stitches and tons of help and information to get started. Even if you know some crochet and have som experience crocheting, you will benefit from these classes. So if you want to hone your crochet skills and learn some crochet techniques, you are welcome to enjoy any of these crochet classes! Click the link or the image above, join today and have some fun!


4. Links To Websites With Written Descriptions And How to Crochet a Blanket Photo Tutorial or Video Tutorials

670px-Crochet-a-Blanket-Step-7-Version-2 Have you ever wanted to make your own
contribution to the family linen collection?
One of the easiest ways to do this is to crochet.
The projects go fairly quickly, and the results
can be treasured for years to come.
Let’s get started!
Loopy-Love-Blanket-Tutorial The Loopy Love Blanket is a fun pattern, and it’s
easy enough for any level crocheter! The written pattern
makes it seem a bit more complicated than it is,
and not everyone can read written patterns –
so tutorial requests were immediate!
How To Crochet A Blanket Tutorial!
Read more at:

 5. Free Crochet Baby Blanket Tutorials – Easy Crochet Blanket Patterns

Each of the videos below will show you how to make an easy crochet blanket. Follow the instructions and create a beautiful blanket! Even if it is your absolute first crochet project!

1: Easy beginner crochet blanket tutorial for the novice crocheter

2 How to crochet an Afghan – A yarn scrap day

3. This is a granny stripe tutorial – a super simple pattern

4. A really nice crochet baby afghan tutorial that is easy to follow

So cute little flower baby blanket tutorial – including crochet mini puff stitch.

Crochet a blanket for your family

Whether you want to create a blanket for a new baby who is entering your family or you want to help keep your grandmother warm in a thoughtful and loving way, you will find out how to crochet a blanket through the ideas and patterns that are found here.

You can crochet a blanket that is perfect for the recipient through the patterns and tutorials that are listed on this page; create a blanket that is special and full of love, a blanket that shows just how much you care.

More quick and easy crochet blanket patterns

If you want more patterns for crochet blankets, please visit our special blanket page: Crochet blanket patterns says love page. Here you find patterns for all crochet skills, from the beginner to the more advanced crocheter. Everyone can find a suitable pattern for their next crochet project!

Good Luck and Happy Crocheting!





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