How To Crochet A Flower

Maybe you have never tried it before…? Then it is time for you to learn how to crochet a flower!

Through the instructions and tutorials that are found here, you will receive the inspiration that you need to create beautiful flowers, fun pieces that can be added to a number of items.

When you crochet a sweater or hat for a gift or for your own use, the addition of a crocheted flower can take the piece to a whole new level.

Once you know how to crochet a flower, you can change up anything that you create.

You can use the addition of a flower to bring a splash of color to a blanket or piece of clothing, or a flower can be used on its own as a hair bow or as part of a bracelet

This is what you will find on this page:

  1. Simple Patterns With Instructions That Are Easy To Follow
  2. MyFavoriteCrafts Link Box To Basic Crochet Instructions
  3. Recommendation of Crochet Classes for Embellishments
  4. Links To Great Pages With Picture or Video Tutorials And Basic Instructions On Crocheting A Flower
  5. Free Video Tutorials Showing Various Easy Crochet Flower Patterns


1. Simple Patterns With Easy Instructions

This pattern comes with: Text instructions
in American standard terms, symbol diagram
+16 pages full PHOTOS on how to make it:
This is a beginner illustrated crochet pattern for
headband, butterflies, and flowers:
This PDF pattern comes with: – Text instructions
in American Standard Terms
+ 16 pages full of step by step PHOTO
tutorial on how to make it:
full_4565_12484_FlowerCrochetPeony_5 FREE full_2359_50323_Flower3DGerberaCrochet_2
Flower Crochet Peony Butterfly and Flower Headbands Flower 3D Gerbera Crochet
This is an Quick and easy flower to your handmade
works or simply appliques!
Easy to make with images tutorial:
This is an easy to follow pattern with detailed
material description, detailed crochet chart +
step-by-step description with pictures to
crochet the flowers:
This pattern will teach you the steps to
make the perfect applique flower:
full_7768_18199_JuliettesCrochetFlowerPattern_1 full_7560_125078_CrochetFlowersROSIES_3 full_277_42625_2LayeredFlowerAppliques_1
Juliettes Crochet Flower Pattern Crochet Flower Rosies Pattern 2 Layered Flower Appliques


2: MyFavoriteCrafts Link Box To Basic Crochet Instructions

 Crochet Resource Box:

Learn The Basic Stiches From Video Tutorials
Crochet Basics – Yarn And Hooks
Some written Crochet Instructions and Abbreviation Explanation
Learn the Crochet Basics Class





3. Recommeded Basic Crochet Classes


Improve Your Crochet: Essential Techniques
Click Here to join: Crochet Embellishment Class Improve Your Crochet Techniques


Both of the above Crochet Classes are suitable for beginners that wants to learn how to crochet. You will get the basic stitches and tons of help and information to get started. In the crochet embellishment class you will learn how to embellish pillowcases, blankets, earrings, flowers, trims and more.

You will also learn the basic stitches and how to read patterns and diagrams. Even if you know some crochet and have som experience crocheting, you will benefit from these classes. So if you want to hone your crochet skills and learn some crochet techniques, you are welcome to enjoy any of these crochet classes! Click the link or the image above, join today and have some fun!



4. Links To Websites With Written Descriptions And How to Crochet a Flower Photo Tutorial or Video Tutorials

670px-Crochet-a-Flower-Step-13-Version-3 Make a flower like this, sew it on, and there’s a fix!
With basic skills, you can make these lowers in minutes
and add a touch of flair to anything
How To Crochet A Flower on
6a00d8341c666c53ef00e553ac4d428833-320wi Okay, here goes nothing.  A very simple tutorial for my
flower embellishments.
Simple Crochet Flower on

Crochet Flowers and Leaves
I created the patterns for these little flowers and leaves
and am SO happy to be sharing it with you. They are wonderful
and quick to make and can be put to all sorts of pretty uses:
use them to embellish bags, hats, make them into brooches.

Cute Flower Crochet on



5. Free Crochet Flower Tutorials – Easy Flower Patterns




This collection of tutorials and inspiration will help you as you set out to crochet amazing items. Once you know how to crochet a flower for beginners, you will be on the road to creating new and different things, you will be able to add an extra fun touch to everything that you make. All the help that you need to move on to crocheting fun and girly projects can be found right here.


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