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When you know how to crochet, you know how to create great gifts and items for yourself. One of the greatest joys that a crocheter can find is the joy of seeing someone in a sweater that they have created. If you want to feel that joy, you have come to the right place. If you are looking to create a sweater, if you are wondering how to crochet a sweater, you will find all of the help that you need right here.

A crocheted sweater makes a great gift, but it is also a fun item to keep for yourself. It is nice to be able to tell those around you that you created your sweater on your own, and it is fun to pick the color and style that you want for your sweater. When you crochet something like this, you have the freedom to make it just the way that you want it. The patterns and tutorials found here will help you learn the best way to crochet a sweater, and they will inspire you in the process.

No matter how skilled you are when it comes to crocheting,  you will find the help that you need in the content that is available here. You can do this. You can accomplish a big project and gain a wonderful clothing item. You are ready to move on and crochet something amazing.

Several Ways Of Learning How To Crochet A Sweater:

This is what you will find on this page:

  1. Simple Patterns With Instructions That Are Easy To Follow
  2. MyFavoriteCrafts Link Box To Basic Crochet Instructions
  3. Recommendation of Crochet Class with Basic Crochet Instructions
  4. Free Video Tutorials Showing Easy Sweater Patterns
  5. Crochet Instructions for 3/4 Sleeves Sweater Pullover



1. Simple Patterns With Easy Instructions

The following patterns are all very simple and made for novice crocheter. That means that if you have never been crocheting a sweater before, you can do it with just the basic knowledge of crochet stitches and the patterns below.

Sweater patterns for novice crocheters

A simple stripe pattern with easy shaping.
Easy project.
how to crochet a sweater full_7328_61227_VarsitySweater_3 Crochet Boatneck Sweater Top clothing pattern
Galileo Sweater Pattern Varsity Sweater Pattern Crochet Boatneck Sweater Top

Sweater patterns for beginner crocheters

An oversized, low fit sweater. A simple rectangular construction Very simple and fast, bulky yarn
   full_1777_107064_Wintersweater_2 full_4424_129946_DuoSweater_2 full_6400_56525_TheJuliaSweater_4
Winter Sweater pattern Duo Sweater The Julia Sweater


2: MyFavoriteCrafts Link Box To Basic Crochet Instructions


 Crochet Resource Box:

Learn The Basic Stitches From Video Tutorials
Crochet Basics – Yarn And Hooks
Some written Crochet Instructions and Abbreviation Explanation
Learn the Crochet Basics Class



3. Recommended Basic Crochet Classes

This class is perfect for you if you want to learn how to make a sweater:

 Crochet: Beyond Rectangles


Professional Teachers Show You Exactly How To Crochet the basics. Click The Image or Link To Join The Class.

Improve Your Crochet: Essential Techniques Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches
Improve Your Crochet Techniques Mastering Foundation Crochet Stitches
Crochet: Basics & Beyond
Crochet Basics And Beyond

All of the above Crochet Classes are very good for crochet beginners. You will get the basic stitches you’ll need and get lots of information to get started. Even if you know some crochet and have som experience crocheting, you will love these classes.  Click the link or the image above, join today and have some fun!



4. Free Crochet Sweater Tutorials – Easy Crochet Sweater patterns

Each of the videos below will show you how to make an easy sweater for both baby and adults. Follow the instructions and create a beautiful sweater! Even if it is your absolute first crochet project!






5: Crochet 3/4 Sleeves Sweater Pullover

If you want to want to create your own sweater; one that really is your own style, you can make it from an old one you have at home. I fond this great article where someone called Monica explain in detail how to really personalize your crocheted sweater and make it your own.

The technique she uses in her descriptions is to measure up an old sweater that fits you well. We all have them…If you are like me you only want to use the old, worn out sweater; they are the best…. But with this way of crochet a sweater we can recreate our favorite item again! Very nice I think!

In this article, she explains it all…from how to measure, how to pick the right yarn etc, and of course how to finally create you new crochet sweater pattern.

Here is how she is doing it:(This is taken from another web page called , and I do not own any rights to the information. Please follow the link to read the whole article: 

Crocheted Pullover Sweater

pulloverThe pullover and cardigan sweater instructions assume you have an intermediate knowledge of crochet or knitting. This means you know how to work to gauge, increase, decrease, match pieces, and sew pieces together. If you have this background, it is not difficult to design your own pullover sweater to fit the way you want. You will need an old sweater that fits you the way you want, a stitch you like, yarn you like that works with the stitch, and a little know-how

Old Sweater That Fits

Find a pullover that fits you the way you want the new pullover to fit. You will use this pullover to get the lengths and widths of the four sweater pieces: front, back, right sleeve, and left sleeve.

While you are at it, note the stitch used and the weight and type of yarn. You do not have to use the exact same stitch and yarn, but this information will inform your stitch and yarn decisions for the new sweater especially if you want a similar look and fit.

Measure the lengths and widths of the front, back, and sleeves, and record this information somewhere. If you want the new sweater to be a little tighter, looser, or longer than the old sweater in any of the pieces, you can account for that when you spec out the new sweater.

Note: The first time you make a sweater this way, consider following the old sweater as closely as possible except for minor tweaks to the length or width of the sleeves or body pieces.

Stitch You Like

Browse the web and/or stitch books to find a few stitches you like. If this is your first sweater, you might want to go with something simple rather than a pattern because with patterns you have to figure in how the pattern can evenly repeat within the required width, and how the sides are to join when you sew them together. For example a pattern that alternates between 5 double crochets and shells should probably end with the double crochets at each end to make it easier to sew the sides together evenly.

Yarn You Like

Browse the web and/or yarn stores to find a yarn you like. The yarn, stitch, and hook or needle need to work together for the overall sweater effect you want to achieve. My best recommendation is that you keep the stitches you are considering in mind when choosing the yarn. Once you choose and purchase the yarn, try making a 5 inch by 5 inch square of the yarn and stitch using different size hooks or needles until you like the result.

Note: If you choose a much heavier or lighter yarn than the old sweater or use a larger or smaller stitch, the final new sweater’s look and fit will be somewhat different as a result.

Continues here:

(This is taken from another web page called, and I do not own any rights to the information. Please follow the link to read the whole article: )


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