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The most important thing when it comes to crocheting for beginners is to try! Do not be afraid to make a start and try some simple crochet stitches. It might not look much at the beginning, but just practice! Soon you will find it not hard at all! As with all things; when you learn to  crochet, try to be patient… I promise – you will soon get it!

All starts at the beginning so knowing how to hold the yarn is where all starts! It can be a little tricky, but just have some patience and you will get it fast!

Here Is How To Hold The Yarn:

*Take the yarn and let it pass through your fingers; something like this:

Put the yarn first over the little finger, and then beneath the ring finger. After that let the thread pass above both the forefinger and the middle finger. But this is only a suggestion. You can hold it other ways also, but we need to start somewhere!

How To Hold The Hook:

* Same as holding the yarn, there are several ways of holding the hook.  Maybe the most common way is to hold it either as you hold a pencil or a spoon. This is also known as the best way. If you hold it like that it will not be hard for you to get the hook through, getting the yarn.

Other people who are crocheting a lot think it is better to grab the hook from above. It is like holding the hook with the whole hand. This is not a very convenient way of holding the hook, but still; many prefer it this way!

As you go on and learn how to crochet for beginners you will find your own way; the one most comfortable for you. Try out those ways I mentioned here and you will soon find your unique way of holding both yarn and hook.

Hook and Yarn

Finding the right hook and the right yarn is maybe the most important when starting crocheting. Every crochet projects needs certain qualities and sizes so you have to watch out so it fits what you are about to crochet. The crochet patterns will tell you what is the most appropriate for the chosen project.

Hooks are identified by different letters and numbers. The higher the number or letter of the hook, the thicker the hook is. When it comes to yarn and the sizes and qualities the variations are shown in the name.

How To Resize

If you want to reduce the size of a project it is simple. You just deduct some stitches. It might be that you skip a stitch in a row for example. The same way you can enlarge your crochet project by insertin some more stitches in a row.

Reading A Pattern

To read through a crochet pattern is for many the biggest challenge when it comes to learning crochet. The obstacle is getting the abbreviations that fill the pattern. All abbreviations and what they stand for can be really hard to remember, but learn one at a time and you will finally make it! Have these important abbreviations fresh in mind will help you be more efficient in crocheting!

Here is a link to the most common crochet abbreviations:

Here are some facts to remember while crocheting:

* Every crochet patterns will indicate if you will do your works in rounds or in row, or maybe in a mixture of both techniques. Almost every crochet instruction works in either way.

* When you are searching for crochet patterns you will mostly find them ranked according to their level of difficulty. You can find advanced crochet patterns, intermediate, simple beginner patterns and so on. The most important thing is to choose a pattern with a difficulty level that suits you own knowledge and skill. It is not so fun finding yourself working with something that is so hard you feel you can not finish it. Better to start with simple patterns and then, increase the level of difficulty as you become more advanced.

* A good idea when starting a project is to crochet a sample of about 4 x 4 inches. That will help you get the right size for your crochet project.

If your sample results into a larger size than what the pattern suggest, you might need to change the size of your hook in order to get the right size for your project.

Be careful following the instructions when starting a project. You might need some extra patience here when you learn how to crochet, but that’s happens to all of us in the beginning! You will learn how to crochet, without a doubt and you will see; you will get faster with the hook later on! Good luck!

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When you start to learn how to crochet and when getting some basic crocheting for beginners, you will find crocheting being a fun and very creative craft! Crochet is no longer a grandma thing – today it is a hot trend!

Maybe you remember grandma and her making hats, baby clothes and of course granny squares and more. But now you can find both men and women working with hooks and yarns making the most wonderful creations!

Today the clothing trends are using crocheted items; popular clothing designers are also smitten by crocheting. It is also very popular wearing vintage clothes and what could be more “vintage” that clothes made from the art crochet. Wear a trendy vest or hat you have crochet yourself, and you will impress everyone! You can see that there is more than one reason to learn how to crochet!

If you belong to those loving lace (like me); making crochet laces are absolutely beautiful! It is easy to make and goes quite fast. I even have made curtains all crochet! There are many crochet patterns that uses simple crochet stitches, but that still are beautiful crochet designs!

To be able to crochet you do not need a lot of things to start out and it really is not a hard skill to learn. What you need in the beginning is some crochet hooks, some yarn, a simple crochet pattern and then start! A tapestry needle and a scissor are also good to have at hand and of course a lot of determination to learn how to crochet and finish a crocheting project!

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