Owl Basket Pattern

The owl basket pattern comes as a pattern only or as a KIT, where you buy both the pattern and a suitable yarn in a color of your choice. Check out the alternative below!


Owl Basket Crochet Pattern Buy smart:

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Crochet Basket Patterns

We all know about crocheting clothes , doilies and traditional stuff like that, but have you ever thought about making a basket or a bag using the art of crochet?

It is not that hard to make a practical basket for your home using nothing but a crochet hook and some left over yarn. Or buy yarn if you like.

There are ways of using it..in the bathroom to keep creams and other things in order, you can make a big one to keep some magazines, a basket inside the front door will be a perfect place for the kids to leave gloves and stuff and why not make a small one to keep you keys in a place that you will remember.

Many, many crocheters are making baskets to store their yarns and ongoing crafts projects. As you can see, there are so many practical uses for a crochet basket that I think you have to consider making one!

One very popular basket pattern is the owl basket pattern you can find above. And there are of course also many other patterns out there for you to try.

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      Hi! So glad you like it…! (…even if it is not my design:-))
      Just click the image or the link above the image and you will come to Craftsy.com, where you will be able to buy the pattern!

  1. Sandy says:

    Having trouble getting started. Don’t understand where the 4 strings comes from. The magic ring only ends up with 2 strings. Please clarify so I can start working on the bracket

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