Owl Obsession Blanket Pattern

To the pattern:  Owl Obsession Blanket Pattern


Pattern Design: The Hat & I, by Marken


The Lovely Baby Crochet

Crochet at its inner core really is a creative art that is delicate and lovely. That make crochet perfect for creating beautiful pieces of clothes for babies. It is no secret that almost everything you make for our smallest family members become adorable. That means it does not matter your great skills or ability to make the abolutely perfect crochet item. What matters is that you made some baby things and the look so cute, no matter what!

You can make all sort of things like blankets, small dresses, baby booties, hats, sweaters and other cute, cute items. It is really rewarding to crochet for babies not only because everything you make will be stunningly cute but also because the clothes are often quickly put together.

With crocheting for the babies you can things that becomes family heirlooms, such as a little blanket, and the small shoes will be things to remember and maybe even framed later on! And the little sweater you made might be something that can be handed on from family member to family member.

There are always so many pattern to choose from, so if you search for a while you will absolutely find a pattern that you like and that will fit your level of crochet experience. Many people have started their crochet journey with a baby pattern. Many expecting women want to make something for the new family member and find crocheting to be the best craft.



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  1. maria says:

    i bought the pattern but having difficulty is there a tutorial that i can crochet along would love to make my owl does not look like
    yours thank you confused

    • says:

      Hi! I am not the designer for this pattern, but if you visit the designers page you will find a comment field where you will be able to contact her there. Good luck!

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