Simple Crochet Patterns

Simple Crochet Patterns Some Simple Crochet Patterns For You To Make Right Now!

When you are new to this craft you absolutely need some simple crochet patterns to begin with. No use to start with some advanced patterns that instead of encouraging you to go on; makes you feel frustrated and wanting to give up! There are many patterns out there that are easy to follow and really things that belong to crocheting for beginners.

I don’t know about you but I think that what many thinks belongs to the category easy crochet patterns is the granny square! The granny square is loved by millions and still number one amongst beginners crochet patterns!

A granny square is very useful: you can crochet many of them; using all kinds of yarn and colours and make the most beautiful baby blankets, pot holders, bed covers, scarves, tablecloths and more! When you have been crocheting your granny squares for the chosen project you just sew the squares together! Very easy!

Here are three simple crochet patterns for beginners:

1. How to crochet a granny square

Here are some tutorials on how to make granny squares:

If you want crochet instruction in written form for making a granny square, you can follow the link below:

This a very detailed instruction on how to crochet a granny square. It even has pictures of different squares as well as images of how to make the actual stitches.

2 Crocheting a scarf

More simple crochet patterns: Crochet a scarf! You can actually create a scarf out of granny squares, like this:

One other way is to crochet the scarf like the woman does in this video. Have fun crocheting your first scarf! Of course, you can make your own variations in colours and in yarn qualities.

3: Crocheting a dishcloth

In those following videos you will learn how to crochet a dishcloth. There is no better dishcloth than the home made crocheted ones! Have fun while creating this useful item!

Theses are few simple crochet patterns, but there are many more out there. Go Google the word: beginners crochet patterns, easy crochet patterns etc, you will find more!

Find free easy crochet patterns here

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