Simple Crochet Stitches – With Video Instructions

Even if you have never been crocheting before, you can learn it very fast! That is; if you practice, of course!

Here I have listed a few easy crochet stitches for you to learn. Those are the basic stitches and if you memorize them you are soon into this creative craft called crocheting!

I have added some descriptive tutorial to show you how to make the different crochet stitches. Following the videos and the descriptions will help you learn those easy crochet stitches fast.

Simple Crochet Stitches on Videos

Slip Knot
A slip knot is what you need when starting a project. Here is how:


Chain stitch

The first one of the simple crochet stitches you need to know is the chain stitch:
Create a “slip knot” around the hook, pass the hook underneath the yarn and catch it with your hook and then pull the yarn through the loop.

After that; draw the yarn again back in the loop that is on your hook so to form a “chain”. The act where you pass the hook underneath the yarn is referred to as “yarn over”. You have to keep on repeat making this chain of stitches as long as the pattern requires it.


The next stitch of our different crochet stitches you need to know about is the Slip Stitch.

Slip Stitch

The “slip stitch” is mainly used to make “rounds” of crocheting all together. The slip stitch in itself is not often used making rows, because it is not tall enough.

Do like this: Insert your hook in the chain, then “yarn over”. After that you have to draw a loop passing the chain. Draw then the new loop passing the “old loop”.


More crocheting for beginners:

“Single crochet” stitch

In order to practice this stitch; make fifteen chain stitches and after that insert your hook in the second chain from the hook. Make a “yarn over” and draw a loop going through the “chain”. Then you can “yarn over” once more and draw the new loop going through ‘two loops” on your hook. (Is it hard to understand? Just practice for a while and you will get it! Promise! )

In each chain row that you make, work through a ‘single crochet” at the end of the row “chain 1 and then turn”.


“Half double crochet” stitch

In order to try those stitches out; crochet fifteen chain stitches first and then after that make “yarn over” the hook once.

Then you can insert your hook in the third chain from your hook and “yarn over”. When that is done; draw a loop going through the chain twice. “Yarn over” once again and draw the yarn going through all the three loops on your hook and make a “half double crochet” in each chain stitch across. Then make two chain stitches and flip to the other side.

Here comes some more Crochet Stitches Instructions:

You have not given up, have you? I hope not! If you learn the rest of the stitch you will manage a whole lot of patterns that will fit crocheting for beginners, so hold on!

“Double crochet” stitch

“Yarn over” you hook once and then insert the hook in the fourth chain counting from the hook; “yarn over” and draw the yarn going through two loops on the hook and “yarn over” once more and draw it towards you going through the remaining two loops on the hook. Make a ‘double crochet stitch” in each chain stitch across and at the end make three chain stitches and turn. Make a ‘double crochet stitch” in each stitch across


“Triple crochet” stitch

Practice by making fifteen chain stitches. Yarn over the hook twice and insert the hook in the fifth chain from the hook, “yarn over” and then go through two loops on the hook; repeat two more times.

Those are some easy crochet stitches for you to use! Now practice, practice! You will find it very fun crocheting!

“Single Crochet Front Post” And “Single Crochet Back Post” Stitch


Front Post Double Crochet (FPDC)

Yarn over (yo) then insert the hook behind post of stitch (from front to back). Yarn over (yo) ,  pull through, bring up even with last stitch completed,
Yarn over (yo) , pull through 2 loops, (so you have 2 loops on hook),
Yarn over (yo) , pull through rem 2 loops to complete the stitch.

Back Post Double Crochet (BPDC)

Yarn over (yo) , insert hook into the back of your stitch (in other words from back to front), go in front of the post, pull through (3 loops on hook) bringing stitch up to height of previous stitch,

Yarn over (yo), pull through 2 loops (2 loops remaining),
Yarn over (yo)  pull through the remaining 2 loops to complete stitch.



How to Crochet: Decreases – Sc2tog and Dc2tog

There are more abbreviations that I have not listed here, but if you follow this link: Abbreviation List you will find more info on how you can know
all abbreviations.

More Crochet Stitches Instructions:

If you want to learn the abbreviations and get the crochet instructions written, please follow this link: Crochet Instructions and you will get a fast summary of the most common crochet stitches.

Find some free crochet pattern on this page: Free Crochet Patterns. Many of them are made for beginners, so you can start to create something really beautiful even from start!

On this page called Baby Booties Crochet patterns for beginnners you will find some really cute baby booties – and all of them are beginner patterns!

On Pinterest you can find many interesting crochet patterns!

Crochet is an exciting craft, and it has been around for ages. The word crochet is from the French language and means”hook”. You can read more fact about crocheting here if you like.


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