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Summer Crochet Patterns

Summer Crochet Patterns

Many of us are longing for the summer season. Now is the time to enjoy outdoor life, relax and have fun with friends and family. So great! But; don’t forget about our favorite craft (which of course is crocheting:)), just because it is summer!  Summer is the perfect time to crochet; I don’t know about many things as relaxing as crochet!

On this page, I put up some lovely summer patterns I found. If you wonder what to crochet in the summer, I hope you will find something nice here. Check them out and try your favorite!  Happy Summer!

Lovely Summer Crochet Patterns!

Wisteria Top - Summer Crochet Pattern Pinya Tunic - Summer Crochet Pattern   Serein Tee - Summer Crochet Pattern

Wisteria Top Crochet Pattern

Pinya Tunic Crochet Pattern Serein Tee Crochet Pattern

Crochet for summer:  Summer Hat Patterns for Kids

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  Criss Cross Apple Sauce Beanie Crochet Pattern
Criss Cross Apple Sauce Beanie 

The above summer crochet hat patterns are all quite easy to crochet; only the newsboy hat might be a little bit tricky for a crochet beginner, but with intermediate crochet skills it will be no problem for you to make even that summer hat your next summer project!



Crochet Summer Hat Patterns

Flower Field Crochet Summer Blanket pattern
Flower Field


Crochet Resource Box:


Summer Girl Patterns

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Scalloped Neckline Lace Dress Summer Pattern
Scalloped Neckline Lace Dress Pattern 

Your little girl will be absolutely thrilled if you would crochet some of these lovely summer wears! The patterns are for intermediate skills and all three of them comes with photos and detailed instructions for your convenience. I just love them; they are absolutely adorable!

Why not try this absolutely adorable SUMMER Pineapple Robe Pattern:  You can make it if you just have some crochet skills…Watch the video!


Want some fun and fast summer crochet pattern? Maybe some of the following projects then are for you!

Fun Summer Crochet Ideas

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Summer Sandals Crochet Pattern
Summer Sandals Crochet Pattern 


Cute, fast crocheted baby summer booties:

If you need some fast crochet for summer patterns; I think these summer booties will be perfect!  They look gorgeous, are quite easy to put together and will be a wonderful summer gift!

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Baby Crocheted Barefoot Sandal Summer Pattern Sandal Booties Summer Crochet Pattern Crochet Baby Sandals Pattern
Baby Crocheted Barefoot Sandal

Sandal Booties Crochet Pattern

Crochet Baby Sandals  Pattern



More summer baby crochet:
These cute summer patterns are for free:

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Baby Barefoot Sandals - Crochet summer pattern Four Color Spiral Crochet Blanket Pattern
Baby Barefoot Sandals For Free! Four Color Spiral Blanket Pattern


Free Video Tutorial – Baby Sandals

How to crochet a beaded bracelet or wrist band


Beautiful Summer Crochet Patterns

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The Pineapple Robe Summer Crochet pattern
Irish Lace Summer Crochet Blouse Pattern  The Pineapple robe
Crochet Cotton linen summer wrap pattern Crochet Boatneck Sweater Top Summer Pattern
Crochet Cotton Linen Summer Wrap Crochet Boatneck Sweater Top

The summer patterns above are so beautiful and not necessarily that hard to put together. If you want to make the sun dress or the crochet summer top pattern called: “Irish lace summer”; you need to have intermediate crochet skills.

Also, the fantastic pineapple robe needs an intermediate crocheter. If you want a crochet summer top that is very simple, the boatneck sweater top should be perfect for you! I am sure you will put it together in an evening!




Vintage is hot;  so many people love clothes and things from the past. So why not crochet something vintage? The vintage patterns are free:

Find even more vintage patterns here: Vintage Patterns

Free Vintage Summer Patterns:
Beach Sandal Pattern
Beach Sandal Pattern Vintage Flower Afgan 


Summer Blanket Patterns

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Wildflower Summer Crochet Blanket Pattern


Waikiki Wildflower Blanket Pattern Crochet 24-Hour Baby Afghans

These blankets are perfect summer baby crochet patterns; there are always need for some small baby blankets; either it is your own baby, maybe your grand child or a friend’s baby. A hand made baby blanket must be one of the most welcomed gifts!

Click on this link and you will find more baby blankets: Crochet Baby Patterns

If you are looking for free patterns with a summer theme you might find some interesting here: Free Crochet Patterns


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