The Blossom Hat Pattern

3 balls Blue Ice or color of your choice for Hat.
Steel crochet hook No. 0.

GAUGE: 13 s c = 2 inches. 7 rounds = 1 inch.

Each flower measures 1 ¼ inches in diameter.


Starting at center of crown, ch 2, 6 s c in 2nd st from hook, do not join this or following rounds. Place a marker at the beginning of each round.

2nd Round: 2 s c in each s c.

3rd Round: * 2 s c in next s c, 1 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around.

4th Round: Increase 6 sts evenly spaced all around but not directly over increases of previous round. Repeat the last round 15 times. Piece should measure 5 ¾ inches in diameter. Work even until hat measures 5 ¾ inches from center.

BRIM: Next Round: * 1 s c in each of the next 6 s c, 2 s c in next s c, repeat from * all around ending with 1 s c in each of the last 2 s c. Work 11 rounds even, sl st in next s c to even round, cut thread. Turn under the last 3 rounds and sew to inside of hat.

FLOWERS: Ch 5, join to form a ring, * ch 3, d c in ring, ch 3, sl st in ring, repeat from * 4 times, join, cut thread. Work 32 more flowers in same manner. With “star” mercerized sewing thread sew around brim of hat as illustrated sewing one flower on top of crown.


This is a vintage, public domain pattern. I found it on this site:

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