Victorian Crochet Baby Blanket CCP Pattern

To The Pattern: Victorian Crochet Baby Blanket CCP Pattern

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Picking The Right Supplies For the Baby Crochet Patterns

One fun part of making crochet clothes for babies are to chose the color for the yarn.  Blue for the boy and pink for the girl are classic choices but today…no color is actually right or wrong. You can just choose the color you like and that you believe fit the little boy or girl! The choice of color might also depend on which item you choose to make.

There are some other things to think about, that might be slightly more important,  for example, be sure that you choose a real soft yarn for the baby patterns. You do not want to have a hard, itchy yarn that might feel uncomfortable for the baby. There are yarns labeled as good baby yarns, so you might want to look for that.

Also make sure that the yarn is washable without problems since you will want the sweater or blanket to be useable for than one time. It should be easily machine washable and feel soft and nice even after washing. The baby skin is sensitive so choose wisely.

When it comes to embellishments such as buttons or snaps etc, also be very careful. A small item can be a choking hazard so secure them with care or use other alternatives. One example is to use ribbons instead of buttons  on sweaters etc.

When I made my first crochet items and made the mistake to hold the hook and yarn very tight. That made my projects to become hard and stiff, and not so skin friendly. That is not what you want when you make a sweater, blanket or whatever you choose to crochet. That might be good if you make doilies and stuff like that, but not when you crochet a baby item!

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